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Now that's a wedding cake!
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call me a cynic but I can't help but feel that marriage won't last...
+Jimmy B  no

because the death star blows up

just to be clear, I meant the storm trooper marriage.
+Jimmy B  No. my bad. I totally get how my original comment could be misunderstood. I was just trying to be funny. I wish the actual married couple all the best and many wonderful years together. :)
As clones, they sure will have a lot in common.
The Storm Troopers were all clones.  They were considered the clone army while under the command of Yoda and the other jedi, but once they executed Order 66 and turned against the jedi, working for Emperor Palpatine, they were called the Storm Troopers although they were the same people.
That is awesome! How can I get that made for my wedding? 
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