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Apple seems to be quite unpopular recently...

Hat Tip: +Aikuchi Abriel
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We all know what happened to the Death Stars...
Jobes last big plan stopped half finished due to his death.
Really, is this still trending after 3 days. It's a little annoying. I will be giving the boot to anyone else talking about boycott apple. The best is when people say, " Oh I love their products but I'm going to be a dumbass and boycott Apple. Some of you are just following the general population and wanting to be part of the conversation to feel cool, and some of you are probably typing comments on your iOS devices. 
Trending? Why? I have never bought a apple product and will never do. Its not about trend, its about belief. They have done to much wrong for to long time to have me as a customer..... EVER.
Joe Ford
I don't think anyone is ever going to say "Oh I love their products but I'm going to be a dumbass and boycott Apple". I think the people that want to boycott Apple are mainly pro-Android (awesome) people, like most of the people on G+. And this is based on Apple stifling innovation through their constant lawsuits and their general ethos of selling overpriced, fashionable products which lack a lot of the functionality that their cheaper counterparts have. 
+Jason Hess says the guy wearing the Captain America shirt bought from Hot Topic with the trendy shades....
Dude, seriously? This type of pic is ONLY for Microsoft!
No, MS are all nice and stuff now, Bill does lots of work for charity and even gave away a PC with Windows XP to an orphanage once. But Apple bad. They use slaves to enslave our minds and fashion sense. And I heard from my mate Dave that they tried to kill a pony with ipad once. It's probably true.
Slaves to minimum wage I mean. I wasn't implying that iphones were made on plantations in the 1800s...
Although the iOS does look that dated -_-
Oi Microsoft did force IE up our butts, though... Apple does no worse than breaking the law just to make Big Brother Bill happier that if he is on his pills.
+Gordon Reeves No it is not. Microsoft helped build the iDeath Star by assimilating Rebel tech into Borg tech. Now Apple is making Borg tech iBorg shizz.
I love Apple and their "trendy" products. Thing is I also love Google and theirs. Fanboy is ugly no matter what company you're being a fanboy for. 
(board member speaking with asthmatic breathing) "Once the Apple Death Star is complete we will destroy the rebel operating systems once and for all."  
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