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Who wouldn't love to have business cards like this?
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He should have used MacOS Windows right fanboy?
I would feel like crippled for not being able to press enter, or .... feels awkward ..
Ah, missing the XML declaration... That card is just one line away from being awesome.
Y- Fi
what is the benefit of having such card?
I go for it... Great conversation piece at IM meets!
I'd like one that resembles a Bash shell terminal please. Make it look like its creating a user, setting the email/link/etc. :)
This is not nerdy, this is someone without a clue trying to look nerdy. Sry!
Only if you click the links now :)
Great idea, but do people still use XML? I would assume the card holder was doing Java dev or something archaic since he hadn't made the switch to JSON.
i wouldnt. i looks crap. i think that the idea is good , but the visual is unappealing1
i woudn't, if it's mac os x. perhaps, i would. :)
+Samuele Mattiuzzo "seriously, notepad and windows? won't give a penny to somebody with this business card!"

A Windows developer would be looking for people who actually 'pay' for things anyway ;)
not a good idea anyway.. sorry I would not love it :)
+Frederic Siepmann and anyone else (myself included): the card holder is indeed the actual author of notepad++.

This notion changed my judgment on the biz card, it is actually a very good idea, as it immediately associate who he is with what he has done.
c'mon, it was just a bit of a troll there :) no need to get mad :) +Tim Moore what do you mean? that's what everybody expects, besides being on win/unix/osx, you work to get paid :P
you forgot to enable the transparency. you need to right click at the desktop, click personalise bla bla. hehe
do not know if they are still around but there used to be a company that made business cards that were playable on a cd / dvd drive and you could put all your company info on it. - i thought at the time it was a clever idea.
jJAJAJJa! JAJAA! @ <original>/IT PP HP....? interesting ??? jajjjjajjaaj!
Why would you want a business card with XML tags displayed all over it? That doesn't make any sense.
It's cool, that is why you want to have it!
Good idea but:
1. use TextMate
2. use JSON
3. use a font with proper kerning (ie: Helvetica or Monaco)
It's not Notepad, it's Notepad++, and the info on the card is the creator's info. If you're looking for a good Windows text editor, check it out.
+Alexander N. Benner Why does this need to be fixed-width? This is not ascii art. Even source-code is more readable with proportional fonts.
ha ha ha... i would.... fantastic thought!!!
Evi B
Love it!
beautiful, but would scare my technophobic clients, which is probably a good thing
Haha I'm totally stealing this concept. I like high concept bus. cards.
prefer the ubuntu one... at least it's Notepad++ not Notepad
Shhh.....don't upset the mac hubris!
lol, source code business card . . . that is AWESOME

glad I took Web Design last semester or I wouldn't understand it XD
Damn i thought having my business card be a QR code was cool, damn was I wrong.
i'm gonna design my next business card like above
Wow, everyone just notice Notepad and no one noticed its notepad++? There's a huge difference between the two app...
His videocard doesn't support DirectX 9...
Ali Al
nice, I need one
Wait! Where's the DTD reference? Although the card is well-formed, without the DTD reference it is not valid.
I must do something this cool for mine
Those are awesome! I know several people who would love those.
wow i love it ill invent some thing for it to do tomorrow mmm why does it have to be note pad java will animate it now run along and fix it look i invented it instantly lmaoo
anyone who's not a software engineer? lol
i like the idea, however it reminds me too much of my high school computer teacher and how he made our entire class fear a stupid notepad. curse him!
lol works perfectly if your a xml person.. and hopefully the boss understands that lol
i think that is the best card i have ever seen!
Only software ppl can relate. Good one!
its has alot more applications too lol after it disappears ull need voice recog for it to re apear guess it lost in virtual limbo till we get that right lol but hey you all better start writing your andriod apps for this lovely liitle product coming soon opps theres another one i was gonna sell that one :) ApolloX ps im not a sofware engineer i was a electro mechanical engineer when a computer had kilobytes for ram lol
A great idea, but probably only effective on us fellow techie nerds. Most others would probably say "Hey look, someone messed up on his business cards and that geek doesn't even know it!"
The aero frame sucks though. Would have been nicer to see a Gnome metacity frame around it :)

Quite awesome and creative nonetheless :)
"Who wouldn't love to have business cards like this?". Possibly anyone who wants to look professional?
cool i like it and i want one
XML? Windows? Notepad++? My advice, apply for big corporate jobs and don't bother with start-ups. Or just get another card that is using VIM and Javascript or Ruby.
Jay Tee
Dang....I totally would use that!
Should have a script.

sub public onHire(decimal salary, Boolean hired)
While employed = true
hardWork = true
End sub

Or something like that

surly a software engineer ..
amin n
no.. its running windows...
Did I not see last month that Electronic Paper is going into production?
uber geeks even my dad doesn't dothat
Our first business cards (mid-90's) had this on the back and the resolved markup on the front.
Emily L
thats just sad
this is brilliant, gonna steal the idea but go for both a os x version and one that looks like a viewfinder for a filmmaker friend of mine
I wouldn't. I gave up developing on Windows 5 years ago!
The windows theme should go, but otherwise, pretty sweet.
Everyone is always quick to criticize, it's awesome dude, love it!!

I think I'll have to steal that idea someday.
And when you tap the Save button it syncs into your phone. 
Syd Gil
Funny! I like it.
Leon M
Good he is using +Notepad++ . I'd be disappointed if it showed only XML with regular Notepad.
Ths is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.....period
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