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seems legit...
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My life goals are on the internet. Umadbro?
On my tombstone I want it written, "I wish I had watched more reality tv."
Why can't the Life Goals be in~~~ the Internotz?
If your goals are on the Interwebs that pretty much means you haven't got any :)
The problem with this graphic is that the pit has a bottom, inferring a possibility to climb out. We all know the internet is bottomless and you cannot escape once you've fallen in.
Ah, the bottomless pit well known as the internet..... There is no hope of escape.... Except once I heard someone escaped! It was a rare case, and they suffered a terrible withdrawl. There is no hope. hate to break it to ya. :)
I always get annoyed if drawings of supposedly rainbows have the wrong color-sequence...
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