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Batman is not always interested...

(Coudn't find a source, any help appreciated)
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i thought he was watching spongebob!!!!
Batman does not watch a soccer, he watches the football because he is ... Batman (fast pronunciation)
Haha, I think it was the storyline of the whole more! ;)
That is rude he is swearing at himself!
I get why Batman hates Gotham City and is saying F U 
because the only thing he does is fight crime everyday when he could be in bed with Catwoman.
and his children which are scared at night!
he is a dark knight his children aren't supposed to be scared of the night by the way they are Catman and Batwoman.
He should just hand the job to Robin and the next film by the same Director which hates Robin should call it Robin 
The bright knight rises!
LOL... how come batman watching football on TV!!!!
FUKIN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Superman has powers go to him!
looks like a spinoff of a picasso/andy warhol....very good :)
Do you know batman is actually right go to Superman he's stronger if you can't find him and Batman can fuck catwoman
its not the relaxation batman deserves but the one he needs right now........
By the way, what's in the sky that stops the light?
this is wat am gonna do if i were BATMAN hahahahahaha
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