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Tom Duffy
Fly Fisherman, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Musician, Gardener, and Maker
Fly Fisherman, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Musician, Gardener, and Maker

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Where do I get the beta APK?

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An open letter to my father for this #movember  

Dear Dad,

This is hard, but I’m going to come right and say it:

I miss your ‘mo.

When I was growing up, you always had a mustache. That soup strainer was your signature. Tom Selleck’s luxurious lip fur had nothing on yours. In fact, your ‘stache was so epic Mike Ditka’s mustache wrote it fan letters.

But then you shaved it off and things haven’t been the same since.

Much like a unicorn needs his horn to be magical, you need your ‘stache to be my dad. So I’m asking you to grow it back. And if you don’t do it for me, at least do it for cancer. It’s Movember, so by growing your ‘stache back, you can help raise money to fight cancer, and like father like son, I’ll be growing my very own mo’ right there with you.



P.S. Check out the link below to sign the petition. Let's get our dad's mustaches back!

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This is a 24 hour span in my grow tent sped up to a 2.5 second clip. It's crazy how much plants move around over the course of a single day!
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First week since the seeds germinated. Looking forward to the next 7 days of growth!
2013 Hydroponic Pepper Grow
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A little piece I wrote about the fall of the American #Hipster. Let me know what you think! #irony

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While HTML5 and developing for the mobile web are nothing new, there are a few emerging HTML5 Javascript libraries and API's that are really bringing more native app functionality to the web. What do you guys think? Will native mobile apps be a thing of the past one day? 

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First white cucumber of the year...we also got some chickens!
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Gearing up!
2013 Growing Season
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Mob Influences Judges - The Glenn Group Wins 20 Awards
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