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Science fiction micro-reviews


Just sett Gravity. Inte-3D.


En del klagar över saker som inte stämmer riktigt med verkligheten, men det är faktiskt inte så mycket. Och mindre än i massvis med andra filmer.
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"This is it: your first look at footage from the new Veronica Mars movie!"
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I feel really bad about not being in time for supporting this project - when I heard about it, the time limit had already passed.
But I certainly will see the movie, and buy the DVD!
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Fast själva filmen heter Gatchaman.
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power rangers?
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Lord of Light 
by Roger Zelazny

 A very interesting book. It is set on a world were there are living gods, who used to be human. They have become gods through a combination of mutations and very advanced technology.

 The religion is more or less Hinduism. The plot concerns (more or less) a revolt against the gods, by one of themselves.

 Rather good, but takes careful reading, since, for example, characters often change both names and appearances.

(Written about 20 years ago)
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Science fiction micro-reviews

Science Fiction Book Reviews  - 
The Humanoids and The Humanoid Touch

I wrote the following 20 years ago, and there's a spoiler for the first book:

        The Humanoids        1948
        The Humanoid Touch   1980
        by Jack Williamson

The Humanoids are black, sleek, manshaped robots, created by a wellmeaning scientist, "to serve, and guard men from harm". Sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, not everyone sees it that way, since they don't let humans continue with anything that's remotely risky.
  "We dismantled the observatory. We can't allow you to   work there among the heavy objects."
  "Your wife was unhappy, so we gave her Euphoride." The drug   admittedly makes people happy, but also into mental children,   with almost no attention span nor memory.
When they'll finally take over all of human space, there will naturally be an end to progress and adventure.

Predictably, there is opposition to the seemingly allpowerful robots. Chiefly it consists of a small band of people with telurgical (psi) powers. As these people are dangerous, and so threaten the Prime Directive, they are hunted fiercly.

After many near calls, they almost manage to stop or modify the humanoids. However, it is for the best, since machines can't be evil, the Humanoids actually learn psychology and cures those who wouldn't accept them and makes them happy, and the galaxy isn't risking war any more, and they all live happily ever after.

        THE END

        32 YEARS LATER:

On the double planets Kai and Malali, which are very remote from the rest of the galaxy, lives humans who have escaped from the Humanoids a thousand years ago. Quality of life cannot be said to be good on Kai as it was ravaged by war centuries ago. On Malali live mutated humans, who aren't affected by Bloodrot, a disease that efficiently kills. A similar disease, Rockrust, destroys almost all metals quickly, making machinery near-impossible on that planet.

On Kai, there is political infighting, since many believe there are no Humanoids. But one day they arrive, question is it a good or bad thing? Will the book end similarily to the earlier one?

These books are certainly very interesting to read, but I'll have to say that Williamson's style of writing isn't my favourite.
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I'm surprised about some of these things people "know" about him.

I guess reading the books help.
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Also movies with time travel analyzed.
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Another review from 1990:

Angel with the Sword
C.J. Cherryh, 1987

           Another book likely set in the same
        universe is "Angel with the Sword", where
        the rather lengtht appendix mentions "the
        Gehenna doctrine".
           All the action occurs in the city 
        Merovingen, on a planet previously a
        human colony, long since abandoned and
        evacuated by all but a stubborn political
        faction. It was abandoned because an alien
        race suddenly showed up and explained that
        the planet was theirs. They don't live on
        it, don't seem to do anything at all with
        it and more or less has let the remaining
        humans be in the centuries following.
           This obviously makes for a good low-tech
           Merovingen is something like Venice, in
        that it is built on water in a river delta.
        The plot is about political and economic
        rivalry in the city. The main characters are
        a poor young woman living on and by a small
        boat and a mysterious stranger she picks up
        of the water one day.
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Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle science fiction.