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Thoroughly enjoyed meeting the 10 ladies who came out to Fiction Addiction in Hamilton last night. I was their very first in-person author guest. Gained a bunch of new fans (I think) who are all eagerly anticipating the release of Inner Sanctum 2.

Looking forward to joining Fiction Addiction book club in Hamilton this eve to discuss #InnerSanctum.

Chapter 29 finished on #VoicesofAngels. Up over 65,000 words now. Really powerful message of forgiveness in 29.

I'm always amazed at the stuff I learn when I'm researching for a book ... today it was how fast people walk. -- minus significant external factors, about 5 km/hr or 3.1 mph although they're capable of reaching 9 km/hr and 5.6 mph.

Still need to figure out how fast he can go if he has to drag or carry somebody.

Chapter 27 complete on #VoicesofAngels my soon-to-be released romantic suspense title from Lanico Media House.

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Just completed this interview about Inner Sanctum and a few other things on The Awakening via BlogTalk Radio. :-)

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Hey, everyone! So excited to getting out into the G+ world.

I'm a writer and a reader ... though I spend more time writing these days than reading.

I've been a freelance editor for nearly 15 years and a freelance writer for nearly the same length of time.

My first publication was released in November -- #InnerSanctum . It's a speculative/sci-fi/dystopia ... I have a Kindle format available for reviews. If you'd like a different format, let me know. If you want to pick up your own copy, I won't object! :-)

Follow me on FB --

New title due out later this year is a Romantic Suspense -- #VoiceofAngels  Book 2 of Inner Sanctum will follow not too long after that (my mother's getting anxious. :-) ) 

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Another great review!!! So, thankful for the support!!!
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