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Blessed Assurance
I feel like I owe you guys an update. Well, maybe I just want to give you an update. Mostly because after my last post, I was pretty overwhelmed by the number of folks who (a) seem to care and (b) have had a similar journey in their attempts at having child...

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Rejoicing & Mourning
I wrote this blog over the last week and a half... editing it, subtracting from it, writing more as my heart and mind carried on. I wondered if I might just write it and keep it...but, I've decided to share it with you. It feels a bit more vulnerable this t...

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I set out to write a new blog yesterday. Hammock strung up, laptop out, birds chirping, dogs digging... it was an ideal set-up for a Saturday afternoon. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote... but something seemed off about it. Maybe even a little artificial. Ma...

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My Song
In Christ alone, my hope is found... The lyrics echoed off my shower tiles this morning and quieted my aching heart. In Christ alone . He is my light, my strength, my song... There have been a lot of feelings of defeat lately. A lot of... "do more, be more,...

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Full Heart
I've been a little weepy lately. Not like sobbing... just having to blink back tears and fan my eyes a lot. I'm not pregnant. I promise. But there's been something in the air lately that makes my heart full . It's been far from a perfect summer, but it's be...

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The Potter's Hands
I took up a new hobby recently: pottery. I'm not entirely sure why , but while reading through Celebration of Disciplines  by Richard Foster, I was especially challenged during the chapter on solitude. Challenged to do something different, to pause, to cons...

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My husband has been traveling a lot lately- so much so that it sometimes feels like I'm learning how to do life as a single person again (a single person in a long-distance relationship, really)... Here's the recipe my mom uses if you're craving any! My mom...

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I give myself permission a lot. Permission to eat more. Permission to sleep in. Permission to watch another television show. Permission to not shower (I know, I'm gross). Permission to not say something I know I should say. Permission to say something I kno...

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It Ain't Perfect
Okay, let's get serious. Now that we're past all the mushy, gushy obligatory anniversary posts, I can tell you how our day really  went. Because as much as all the things about our wedding day are true  and as much as I still think our marriage is really wo...

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A Night to Remember
I felt naked today. For the first time in our two years of marriage, I forgot to put my wedding ring on. It's actually rare that I ever take it off, but last night I was dealing with pizza dough and who really wants dough caught between a ring and a finger?...
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