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GBG Cairo hung out with 9 people.Ezzeldin Rafat, Jason Liossatos, Raafat Farag, ahmed zaki, Mohamed Refaat, Troy Cutler, Eduardo Temes, Dale Modisette, and Robert Albert
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GBG Cairo was in a video call with 9 others
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I'm there everything is going perfect and Olivia Rocks :)
+Moataz Osman I was on the hang out so as others.. but it just dropped.. can you tell +Yara Gharib or +Yahia Ahmed to help us send another invite, pleeeeease???
stay tuned I told Yara and she will take care of this :)
WOw... thanks buddy! I owe you a favor? :D
don't say that man I'm always around ;)
Thank you guys :) I am so happy to meet you all! Thanks for showing up!
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