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Tribes Ascend came out yesterday. Free to play but it looks like you have to pay for upgrades. The great thing is though it stays true to the way Tribes should be played, very fast. Give it a try and let me know if you can't find a link.

This is nothing like Tribes Vengeance. That game was an abomination on the franchise.

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Palin unofficially supports Obama, even though she says anyone would be better than him.

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The reason the F-35 isn't mentioned is because it doesn't come close. It's a silly project and should never have been implemented the way it is, with the quantities and planned lifetime.

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Experiencing this as well. Anyone else?
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What a facebook............

I wonder if AT&T and Verizon are paying app developers to write applications that consume more data. Seems Facebook has 2 official apps, one for messenger with extra notifications etc for the iPhone now.
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