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Tristan Austring
I'm tall.
I'm tall.
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I got tired of my hair.
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I have no words for how amazing this is.

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1973 Jeep J4800 Truck!
100k miles, that spot on the passenger side is the only appreciable rust at all, doesn't technically run right now, but it just needs a carb rebuild and a battery, both of which are childs play!  

Total 44 gal fuel capacity, 4x4, AM radio, and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

It has some cosmetic stuff on the interior, but for a 40 year old truck, what do you expect?

Did I mention it is a Jeep?  Take that guy who sold the cherokee right before I got there!
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Thanks Albuquerque comic Expo! I am even nerdier than I was before!
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Plus is for cool people.
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