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Best Deals on Kitchen Cabinets in Austin, TX!
Best Deals on Kitchen Cabinets in Austin, TX!



See here how CABINET KINGDOM can make your dream kitchen and bathroom come true

1. Determine your needs
What are your main objectives? Your priorities will drive all further decisions on budget, style, products and more. So give this step some time and talk it through with your family.

2. Establish your budget
Define how much you can invest in your new kitchen/bathroom. Shop around to get an idea of product prices and remember that installation can be about 17%-20% of the budget.

3. Find the right professionals
Interview your potential service providers to find those who understand the scope of your project. CABINET KINGDOM has you covered with cabinetry, hardware and accessories.

4. Finalize layout and design
Your CABINET KINGDOM professional will have several ideas on how you can best utilize your space. Make notes on how you currently use your space, what you’d like to change, and what you wish to add to your new kitchen/bathroom.

5. Decide on the style
Review styles by collecting pictures, visiting showrooms and home shows. Make notes of the style elements you like.

6. Select products
You’ll have an ample variety of products to decide from. Your CABINET KINGDOM professional can help you select the best products to meet your needs.

7. Plan for the installation
Who will be responsible for finding and supervising the electricians, plumbers, tile contractors, carpenters, cabinet installers and all the other trades involved with a new kitchen/bathroom? Considering having a temporary kitchen available while your new one is being created.

8. Relax and enjoy!
Once your new kitchen/bathroom is ready, check how everything works. Get to know how to care and maintain for all the elements of your newly remodeled area and don’t forget to keep a file with all the contracts, warranties, receipts and other project related paperwork.

Depending on the size and how detailed your building/remodeling process is, the time frame for completion can vary from four to eight weeks for simple projects, to six-eight months or even more for a very extensive job.
However, when selected and ordered in a timely manner, your CABINET KINGDOM kitchen/bathroom cabinets will be delivered to your location in time for installation. We work with you and your project professionals to ensure a flawless experience.
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Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

A well-designed and organized kitchen can save you time, money, and make preparing meals safer and more pleasurable. So, whether you have a small project budget or are planning a complete makeover, there are simple improvements that can make a world of difference.

For immediate improvements consider affordable off-the-shelf drawer inserts such as those from Hardware Resources offered through Cabinet Kingdom, that keep cooking utensils, knifes, and spices well-organized. Remember to purge your drawers and cabinets of unwanted items before starting your project.

There is also a wide variety of off-the-shelf cabinet convenience hardware that can be installed with a few simple tools. Storing dishes below the counter in a drawer is much more ergonomic than above counter. It also makes the dishes more accessible for small children and those with physical disabilities. Consider installing a dish-drawer peg-board system. The pegs nest the dishes so they don’t bump into each other as the drawer is closed.

Store cutting boards on the inside of your cabinet door (remember to reduce the depth of your cabinet shelf). Designate one board for meat while an adjacent butcher-block counter can be reserved for veggies/herbs/aromatics on one side and fruits and bread on the other side. Promote recycling by installing a tandem trash and recycling center that’s convenient to use. This can be done as a retrofit with models that are bolted to the back of the cabinet door.

Make the most of every corner with a lazy susan or a “super susan.” Super susans are spindleless and consist of a rotating disc mounted on the base cabinet shelves (best when the upper shelf is adjustable)— you would be surprised at how much better the storage is without the spindle.

If you like the functionality of a restaurant kitchen but the aesthetics of a home kitchen, then an open shelve condiment cabinet is definitely the best of both worlds. Take toasters, coffee makers and other small kitchen appliances out of the way and park them in a strategically located appliance garage.

Glass and enamel baking dishes are heavy and noisy when nested together. Consider designing a shallow drawer for these items and a deeper drawer for lighter metal baking pans that nest more easily.

When asked about their number 1 complaint about their kitchen, most of the consumers indicate insufficient counter space. Two ways to maximize counter space is by installing the microwave under counter and/or installing a dishwasher. This type of microwave drawer is ergonomic for people of different sizes and mobility.

If organizing your kitchen seems like an overwhelming task, consider working with a professional. They can help you prioritize your purge and make sense of any space. When it comes to laying out and designing kitchens for remodels and new construction, hiring a professional from Cabinet Kingdom will be the best money you will ever spend. A good designer can help you ferret through all your options and help you select the components that will deliver the most bang for your hard-earned buck.

Adapted from article published by the NKBA
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Basics of a Kitchen Design
How the Kitchen Triangle Works

L-Shaped Kitchen

A kitchen with two usable walls at right angles to each other can have cabinets and/or appliances on that side of the room. This corner can be outside the main traffic flow paths if the door location permits. This plan requires a corner cabinet set (base and wall).

U-Shaped Kitchen

These kitchens have cabinets and/or appliances on three sides of the room. This layout can also be outside the main traffic flow paths, depending on where the doors to the room are placed. This plan requires multiple corner cabinet sets (base and wall).

G-Shaped Kitchen

These kitchens are similar to the U-shaped, but adds a partial “fourth” wall or peninsula, increasing the overall area for more cabinets, storage and countertop space (base and wall).

Galley Kitchen

Two parallel walls give you a galley kitchen -- an efficient and economical layout (especially for a single cook) with the possible drawback of traffic flow through the work triangle. There are no corner cabinets in this layout.

Single-Wall Kitchen

The simplest kitchen layout is laid out along a single wall. There are no corner cabinets necessary in this layout.

Other Kitchen additions:

If the kitchen is large enough, a center island can be added to any of these basic shapes to improve work flow, protect the work area from traffic, and add storage and counter space. As a freestanding working station it can incorporate a sink, a cooktop, or both, depending on the size.

If the kitchen is large enough along one wall, a peninsula can be added to improve work flow, protect the work area from traffic, and add storage and counter space. Peninsulas can be room dividers and serve also as a breakfast bar or buffet area, similar to an island but attached to the rest of the kitchen and without the need of as much space.

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