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Gary Robinson
Digital geek, chasing the conversion
Digital geek, chasing the conversion

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Google released a new version of reCAPTCHA - without the blurry photos - and it works. It kills spam. Trouble is, it killed conversions on my lead generation form too. 74% DROP.

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If you're considering making the leap to #freelancer or #contractor you'll find this interesting. Crunch Accounting spoke with successful #freelancers to find out what they wished they'd know from the outset.

Great #tips  and #advice  

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How to growth hack your business and achieve sustainable results - my takeaways from the recent Growth Hacking Conference in London. Full of great advice and tips.

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So much to consider when looking for a new job - this Ultimate Checklist neatly captures it all - applies to both #contractor and permanent roles.

#jobsearch   #jobsearchtips   #careeradvice  

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If you're looking for another channel to drive traffic, Google News could be an option... IF you can get by the acceptance criteria...
How news writing could seriously boost your site traffic. I explore getting on Google News for +ProBlogger 

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3.5 hours of swearing to make it but our two year old loved his George Pig birthday cake



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1 Essential word your marketing needs, plus 1 you must avoid!
"There is a word you use in your marketing, which is crushing your results. Learn what it is and replace it with this massively powerful alternative..."

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Agree wholeheartedly with this, but also have to admit to slipping into these bad habits occasionally.

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I enjoy reading Doug's work on Content Marketing. The voice and ideas definitely stand out from the crowd. A lot to learn there.

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Not a fan of adding more apps to my screens (yes, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, I'm looking at all of you!) but sounds like some of new features may make this bearable
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