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Saving the Game
A Christian podcast about tabletop RPGs and video games.
A Christian podcast about tabletop RPGs and video games.

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Our series on the Ten Commandments continues with a discussion of the Sabbath! What "keep the Sabbath" means and for whom; why it's in this list of God's commandments; and how this idea of holy, restorative rest applies to our games and our lives. We also spend a little time on Patreon updates; Jenny has some Battletech errata to issue; and we tackle a supporter's question about our favorite RPG characters.

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A great blog post hearkening back to our most recent episode with The Geekpreacher. Knitting as a covert operation. Lady Blackbird. And more, and more—It's your Weekend Reading!

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"[...] I realized that I wasn’t looking to learn something creative. I was looking to learn something—to re-engage the love of learning I still identified with, but had let fall dormant over the past few years. I’d originally defined the problem, and thus the set of potential solutions, incorrectly from the moment I started looking at it; and I’d spent over a year frustrated because the solutions weren’t right for the actual problem."

It's a rare, but heartfelt, blog post from +Grant Woodward this week. Enjoy, and speak with tongues of fire.

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It's time for your Weekend Reading roundup!

From Grant: Dance, fantasy fiction, and the Church; Rev. Hector Miray and geek ministry; "Plane Shift: Amonkhet" from Wizards of the Coast; and The Immovable Ladder.

From Peter: Emotion & salvation; Tokyo 42 (via Gamechurch); and a sermon series from Rev. Scott Chrostek.

From Jenny: The discovery of St. Columba's residence; beautiful character sheets; and Chaos Muppets vs. Order Muppets.

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It’s a special bonus episode this week, as Jenny and Peter recap their Fear the Con experiences! Peter also recently wrote about his very emotional slot 6 game, and if you haven’t read that yet, you really should. Special thanks to everyone involved in planning and producing Fear the Con; everyone we gamed with; and everyone who helped with the charity drive for Pat this year!

Also, our apologies for any audio issues in this episode; this was recorded on a single microphone designed for one person, so there was a lot of handing the mic back and forth. (On the other hand, this was recorded on Jenny’s new audio equipment, so look forward to a better sound from her on future episodes!)

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So, here's a cool thing. (And this is going to sound like a paid advertisement, but it's not.) A while back, Grant started talking to the folks at Podchaser, which aims to be sort of an IMDB for podcasts—multiple categories and tags for podcasts and episodes, tracking hosts' and guests' appearances across different podcasts, etc.. They were great to work with, and as part of their beta launch, they've offered us (and our listeners) a key for anyone who wants to get in on their beta.

If you go to and use the beta key 'SavingTheGame', you'll be able to make an account before the site goes live. (The code will work for up to 100 new accounts.) Not only can you listen to our feed there, but you can rate and review our show AND individual episodes. It's still in beta and still adding features, but this looks pretty neat. (And yes, if you sign up using our key, it DOES help us out a bit.) Give it a shot if you're interested!

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ANOTHER chicken church. WEDS. #Inspirobot. Gatekeeping. Declarations of faith. Magical IT and telecom infrastructure. Vacation. System Mastery's "Expounded Universe" podcast. And the strangest, most heartbreaking article about homeless kids in Miami and their complex, syncretic mythology.

It's your Weekend Reading.

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Welp—we are officially five years old today. Remember our first, badly-edited, heartfelt episode?

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Our Weekend Reading series (brought to you by our Patreon backers) continues with a curated selection of fascinating articles—and a few other things—from around the Internet. Martyrs, Derek W. White's "parable of the vlogger", the Legend of Korra board game, Thieves' Cant, 20 years of Harry Potter, and more!

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Grant, Peter, and Jenny discuss playing characters who are much better—or much worse—at things than you yourself are! This topic was selected by our Patreon backers, whom we’re very grateful for and who bring you this show every other week. First, though, we spend some time discussing Fear the Con X (which was last weekend, and which Peter and Jenny will run down next episode.) We also briefly discuss Overwatch and Dead Cells. We answer a question about wargaming from Patreon backer Kevin, and then get down to business—which includes a lengthy rant from Grant, and a surprising amount of bickering!

Mentioned in this episode: Dexter Manley; the Campaign podcast.

Scripture: Exodus 4:10, Isaiah 53:1-3, 1 Corinthians 9:22
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