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This is an introduction to 4th Gen Fast Marine Craft. Also is an effort from my side to bring up this project to benefit all concerned, in fact the whole humanity. I am trying to bring this up since 15 years without much success due to lack of support. A lot of effort, thoughts & time is spent on this.
We have developed designs for Fast Marine Craft which can easily reach speed in excess of 100 knots with normal power connected. More than 99.9% of Marine Vessels & Ships are based on traditional deep hull designs to overcome roll & eventually capsize in high seas. Find below development of powered boats from history.
1. The historical paddle powered boats are hull based.
2. The 2nd different concept is water planes that eventually fly in air.
3. Multi-hull designs are also hull based designs. 
4. The 3rd different type is the Hovercraft that works on air cushion & air propulsion principle. This is a totally new concept eliminating all water drag. This is the only one which is not truly Hull based.
5. The Super-Fast Turbo Charged Super Cavitating Vessels are hull based.
6. We have now a 4th type of technology developed which is NOT hull based.
In this 4th type, the load carrying craft is above water without any air cushion. Since craft is above water, it will not have any water drag associated with the load carrying body. The roll can be eliminated as required. Bigger the size, higher will be the stability. Application of power to this craft is done through a smart way. All these contribute to very high efficiency and hence can easily exceed 100 nautical miles per hr. Our calculations are giving much higher speeds. These very fast Marine crafts can be built in Small boatyards and even in land based workshops depending on the sizes required. 
1. The loading deck platform (Not exactly a hull based platform) will not touch the     water unlike boats or ships.
2. Since craft body does not touch the water there is no water drag from the body. Hence it can develop very       high speed exceeding 100 knots.
3. To achieve this speed a new drive system is required and is already designed. This is a water assisted drive   mechanism.
4. If anybody interested we can discuss further on this. Please be assured that you will not waste time in if u         involve in this new project.
5. First “SHOW CASING” itself will be a best marketing event too.

V. K. Alexander
Mob: +91-944-808-0516
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Pls see the links below the existing designs. Look for the features for any deviation from basic hull design.

Following links are actual run or trials of very fast marine vessels. All are hull based. You can see how complicated each one are. But our 4th generation MCs are much simpler, much cheaper, much faster and much longer range.
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