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We took the train from Amsterdam to Brussels successfully. Even though that should be a normal occurrence for us it sadly never is. I did what I did best on the trains--slept. I did happen to wake at quite an interesting moment....a lady wearing close to no...

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Excuse me. This is the time in my trip that I started
burning myself out. I was tired. I wanted to sleep all the time, but obviously
we all kept on.   However, I didn’t keep
on keeping on with writing out my blog posts. I will now go from memory, so I

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Berlin, Germany
I swear—I can’t keep up with these things. (This was what I
wrote while traveling.. haha I wasn’t kidding !) We arrived in Berlin after a 5
hour train ride. (I should calculate how many hours we spent on the trains.) I
was just happy. I got off into this hu...

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We wait until 5 am to get on the metro. We were advised that
it probably be best that we didn’t walk alone to that hostel at 3 am. Hey,
safety first.. I was all about waiting. There were a lot of homeless people
sleeping in the train station. I didn’t exact...

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Vienna, Austria
Vienna. We made it. We walk to our hostel and find the owners to be big, muscular "German" men. They speak German, but they aren't actually German... I guess it sounds better than Austrian. (I'm not even sure what this means) Funny thing... we get to talkin...

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We left Switzerland on a night train. We boarded a pod in the train and had 3 others sitting with us.... A man late 20s early 30s with a few missing teeth, wearing a satanic surfers sweatshirt, and drinking a beer (I'll refer to him as "dude"). An older lit...
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