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Don Sucher
Thinker, imager, writer and musician. In no particular order.
Thinker, imager, writer and musician. In no particular order.

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The Locals Vote "No"
I am, admittedly, surprised and pleased that my neighbors voted down a series of three 'sanctuary city' proposals in yesterday's local election. This after much intense public debate. But perhaps I should not feel surprised, because a town like Peterborough...

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Life Among the "Children"
I start every morning with two things:  Spending some time with my various 'arts' and catching up with the fast-increasing, world-wide, insanity of the day. That the first of these is a source of total, spirit-lifting, joy and the second not too different f...

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Bringing the Classroom to Order
I read with interest the many articles, columns and social media comments over the last several days that spoke with great regret, or in other cases unmitigated joy, about the "failure" of President Trump to quickly and easily nix Obamacare.  I saw and see ...

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They Do. I Do.
Yahoo News has headlined a story "Starbucks CEO's refugee comments sour customer views of chain." This is the third similarly themed article I have seen in recent days. The other two concern the cereal make Kellogg's and its sub companies including Keebler ...

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Sea Legs
Sometimes one wishes one could look into another person's brain. Well, not "brain" exactly. More their thought processes. Or, even more compactly, what in hell they are thinking. Here in America -- and apparently also in Western Europe -- there is a growin...

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Donald Trump -- "My Man"?
I've been enjoying a private conversation that this morning sort of reached a critical point -- a point I thought worth sharing. The friend -- and he is a friend, a person whom I respect. One who has made many choices different from my own and come to some ...

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The Certain Sadness of a Soon To Be Forgotten Man
All eyes now are focused on America's tomorrow. Many thinking it likely bright; others frightened by its possibilities. Regarding our tomorrows, in the end, only time will tell. But less open to question, and being given relatively little thought, is the ...

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Everything Is Hype (And Why It Matters)
Back in the "old days" -- and, yes, I know saying that well demonstrates my advancing years -- only BIG news got BIG headlines. And by "big" I mean big.  Like this... No longer. Today everything is a big deal. Everything is hyped. Everything is designed to ...

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Joy! Joy! To Be Able To Really Hear Again!
Back in the days when I was rockin' with a band we didn't know anything about the effect exposure to loud sound levels -- be it the noise of an air compressor, the repeated discharge of a firearm, or, yes, loud rock music. But our ignorance did not lead to ...

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"Fake News" - Can You Believe It?
"Everything" is a big deal today. "Everything" is worthy of network news alerts. Reams of digital paper and barrels of digital ink are used to cover the story 24/7.  -As if our lives depended on the networks doing so. Every storm is life threatening. Every ...
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