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Ty Pitre
Host to a colony of alien parasites.
Host to a colony of alien parasites.


What's the difference going to be between the released SRD and the core rulebook?

I know that the core is going to set up Action as the basic game, right? But will it have all the modular stuff in it too, for dramatic and heroic setup as well?

Another rules question of a sort.

When you build a die pool, you're typically building attribute + skill + optional stuff, like distinctions and assets.

If there's a location distinction, like Concrete Bunker or something, can you add your own personal distinction AND the location distinction? So if you had Backline Support as a distinction, and you charged the bunker, could you roll Backline Support AND Concrete Bunker at a D4 and get two plot points?

How would you guys handle something like a group check? Let's say the characters are all bunched together and a wizard throws a fireball at them, it explodes, they try to dive behind cover and out of the way.

Since complications are usually character locked, you can't really use a single roll to set the stakes, right? Some of the characters might have something like, D8 Slowed Down from some web spell earlier, so they wouldn't get out of the way as easily.

Would you set the stakes separately for each character? That seems daunting and like a big chunk of time to do.

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I wrote up a starting mystery for my group. We're switching to MotW next week, and I'm pretty excited.

Thought I'd throw it up here, incase anyone gets excited about a succubus and demonic rituals.

Is there anyway that you could allow adding the same exercise twice to a routine? For example, if you superset A with B and then superset C with B, you'd want to add exercise B to both groups, but currently can't.

My work around was creating B (2), but obviously the best solution would be allowing duplicate additions to the routine.

Thoughts? Also, thanks for the great app. Really exceptionally done.

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Whoa. This is the best TED talk I've seen in a long time, and I found it accidentally. Please, watch this.

(There is a TEDxGoldenGatePark???)
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I don't think I could be a successful published author. 99% of my great thoughts come during my soul sucking dead end job.
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