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David Cameron
Web developer in Portland
Web developer in Portland

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Google Play Music All Access, despite having a terrible, terrible name, is an outstanding product. I am listening to more music just to use the simple interface and excellent discovery.

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Ok this is getting crazy:

It's like a native MVC JavaScript framework. Crazy

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Finally set up a Github account. Somebody should fork my first project, just so it doesn't feel so lonely.

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Made a little script that people can embed in their Guild Wars 2 fansites to get little tooltips above mentions of skills. Pretty cool use of Wordpress I must say: I've set up each skill as a post, and single.php is outputting JSONP. Lemmie know what you think.

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Because Google's Net Worth calculator doesn't update fast enough:

I present ZuckBucks.

Any way to have Google Drive sync with a Gmail account and a Google Apps account on the same machine?
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