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As we start the new year, perhaps it's time to get back to the basics!
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Great advice for Middle Market companies, too!  They are at that next level as a "grown-up, start-up" and while they have effectively "made it" money is still a little tight and must be spent wisely.  We find that there is alot of interest coming from Midmarkets regarding Social Media for Marketing. Articles like this one are among the most clicked on in our daily newsletter:
Thanks for sharing, and yes - we can all use the basics to remember the reason for marketing engagement in the first place. 
We complex should things have to be to reach a consumer with honesty, integrity and a real interest in what his or her needs are?  As Chris Brogan often says, understand and respect the people dynamics and the platforms and tools will all make sense.
Yes, such a great point - respect the tools you have and what you can do with them - don't abuse!
I'd add one more tip for "back to the basics" - and that is to not overthink your marketing. If you're creating a complicated, jargon-y way of explaining what your brand is, it's likely your prospects won't understand. Tell a simple story of what your brand does from a customer perspective! 
Yes, most definitely a great point +Vocus Inc. - it's easy to forget that communication can be so simple when evolving technology makes it seem so difficult. Thanks everyone for your thoughts - love having great discussions like this! :)
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