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+Jesse Zanbus , as a web designer, what's your opinion on animated "eye candy" when it comes to sites? Are we past the days of animated GIF's, flashy things, or is it still in it's prime, with the advent of HTML5 and CSS?

Something like this?
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That's cool. It all depends where you use them.. If the entire site is scattered with flashing animated things, then everyone is going to click away or have some sort of seizure.
But something like that used once on a page, not over done, just nicely placed, could have some very cool effects.
Agreed. I also feel that unless the animation is called for (such as a gallery box, etc), it's out of place. Even this effect on a header image might be too distracting.
Yeah, I wouldn't ever use it on a website unless it was there for a purpose or it went with relaxing music. Haha.
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