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Kurt Rostek
Just a simple painter...and sometimes poet.
Just a simple painter...and sometimes poet.

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Cat-6, oil on canvas, 24'x36"

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Looking out to a new void...

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Cat 6
Cat 6- Oil On Canvas-24"x36"-2016 In moon's early glow Waiting for the sun...

                                              My Mind
Today the sun was shining with spring warmth and red mustang with top down purring to be let loose my pickup truck sad and grimed with winters' death trees budding ready to paint green their black branches winters' bile trickles down sewer grates to slake the rats' thirst feel like smokin a late night joint letting ink run the river in the back of my weary mind I pray for the end of prayer so ignorance can drown in its' own blood when will the poets again gather over great bowls of 3am chinatown soup howl in the galleries die in the gutters of blue window bungalows I lost my mind today looked under the couch cushions all I found was a nickel and some popcorn thought maybe the cat stole it and hid it under a carpet but it's not there either have you seen my mind cook it stew it with turnips and a chewed dogs' bone let it seep in a human stew let it run the sewer grate river find its' way to radioactive oceans let it glow.....

thinking about all the music the tv we devour
sows at the trough of profit while war
bargained and waged boxers and the wwf
spewing threats and love to hate with words
running out of round mouths while birds
threatened by this shit and that fly in
swallowed by big round…wait there goes
another new car look at its sex big round firm
silicone and other stuff cured that’s what I am
and saved by some guy in Palestine
2000 years ago when I can’t even save myself
love to have that one not the small one I want
the big shiny one no not just one I want 2 just
like Pammie Andersons’- use to smoke - damn
cold but not as it use to be you see my big sex
on 4 wheels warmed the sky now the polar
bear’s got a tan………
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