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Inspiring Videos for Personal Success: 90-second Daily Success Secrets
Inspiring Videos for Personal Success: 90-second Daily Success Secrets


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Prosperity Quotes

Rather than thinking: “I want to be prosperous.” Think instead: “I choose to be prosperous.” Then your power of choice directs your subconscious to pursue a prosperous course in life.

Your power of free will - or your power to choose - grants you the ability to determine the direction of your destiny.

You only have to choose your destiny to take the first step in creating that destiny.

Emotionally reacting to your financial situation sends you back into your old reaction patterns, and that can only recreate the same old financial challenges.

Respond intentionally by choosing to be prosperous, just as prosperous as you want to be. The direction of your destiny really is totally up to you.
While there are forces that are beyond our control, the direction that we choose our life to follow is entirely under our control.
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The Success Wisdom of Balanced Effort

On the way to success, there is a certain measure of effort that we need to apply.But we stray from the wisdom of balanced effort when we push ourselves too hard.

After a certain point, based on the laws of success, employing more effort becomes self-sabotaging.Pushing too hard to achieve a goal, or even to fulfill a responsibility, works AGAINST us, not FOR us.

One sign that you are pushing too hard is when you do not enjoy your life in the present, when your positive attitude starts to wane.

To work at peak levels of effectiveness we must be enjoying our lives in the now.  This requires working within the healthy limits of strenuous effort that really work FOR us.
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Unleash A Power To Succeed That Cannot Fail

We are advised by teachers of the way to success to mentally visualize the results we desire in order to manifest those results in life.

The power of creative visualization to direct events has to do with the fact that the currents of life are ruled by mind power.In other words, the form or content of your thought determines the conditions of your life.

But there is an important element of the wisdom of success that needs to be honored here, though it is not often discussed in personal development circles.Every individual has a “true calling” that defines a truly purposeful life for that individual.  It defines what you are truly “meant” to do with your life.

When you connect your consciousness with your deepest sense of a truly meaningful life, and free your mind from negative thinking and self-doubt, you overcome fear and really cannot fail.
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Ten Success Secrets that will Inspire you... now!

“We must strive each day to reach our goals encouraged by the strength that comes from positive thinking inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and desire.” - Gabriella Williams

Inspiration fuels personal development. Inspirational messages surround you. Often times you cannot identify which message can be trusted. Trust your instincts. Relax and allow yourself to be inspired.
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Living a Life of Hope and Confidence

"For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else."
– Winston Churchill

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all."
– Dale Carnegie

We’ve all heard that the key to personal development in tough times is having hope and a positive attitude. It is not always easy to be optimistic. An optimist is hopeful and confident about goal setting for the future. Optimists look for the best possible outcome from any given situation; a positive view of life.
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Success Tools For All You Want

Stating positive affirmations is a way to employ concentration of mind power to help you produce the results you want in life.

As you affirm what you want to be true in your life, like, “I am successful and prosperous” or “I am healthy and happy” or “I feel forgiveness and gratitude” you focus on those positive conditions and free your mind from unwanted conditions.

This helps you to “tune in” to the experiences you want to manifest, and that sets the manifestation process into motion.

Another powerful success tool is creative visualization.  Using this takes goal setting to a whole new level.Beyond just setting a goal, employ the creative power of visualization by envisioning yourself in the condition that you affirm.
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Leaders, Sharpen your Axe

"Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known." – Ronald Reagan

As you reach many milestones in your life, your families will be very proud of you. You can make the choice to be a leader. One of the reasons America is so great is because we have the freedom to invest time in our own personal development and make our own way in the world. You may choose to be a doctor, a lawyer, a governor. Anything is possible.
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Inspirational Words From The Great American Sage

"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world."

Contained in these inspirational words are two immense ideas that sum up the core message to be found in the world's total collection of motivation quotes.

Let us begin mining for the golden nuggets of truth conveyed by these inspirational words with the first part of the statement:
"Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force..."

No statement could better epitomize a message that can be described as inspirational. Motivational quotes are rarely, if ever, as direct, poignant, pragmatic and penetrating. These inspirational words advise that we develop our spiritual force to meet and overcome any physical or material challenge we might face.
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Daily Inspirational Quotes For Self-Growth And Success

“You have the power to achieve miraculous dreams. You have the intelligence you need to totally succeed.”

These statements more obviously represent motivational messages for higher accomplishment. The wisdom behind them is based on the fact that the message we receive about ourselves and our possibilities impacts our performance and our attitudes. Being receptive to positive messages about one’s unlimited potential motivates the receiver to make every effort to achieve more greatly through self-growth.
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Get What You Want With These Success Secrets

Every man, woman and child on this earth has hopes and dreams that they would love to see come to fruition. Unfortunately, most never see their dreams become realities because they didn’t know the success secrets used by the most wealthy and powerful people.

Everyone knows that the road to success is paved with other people’s failures. This can be avoided by implementing these success secrets in every aspect of your life.
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