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Natalia Lialina
A bilingual writer, author, storyteller, culture appreciator and a dreamer who loves life!
A bilingual writer, author, storyteller, culture appreciator and a dreamer who loves life!

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Indian Spice, American Revolution and Soviet Clown
I don't wear boho often, but I have a few pieces and love playing with them from time to time. Neither the blouse nor the skirt are new to my closet (showed previously HERE and HERE ), but until just recently, they sort of lived in the same town, but on dif...

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111 Years
One of the most admirable qualities about Americans is the way they treat the history of their young country. I'm not talking now of the famous historical figures and events about which we all can read in school textbooks, and it isn't only the pride they t...

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Quotes / Говорят писатели
Если нация теряет своих рассказчиков, она теряет свое детство. Петер Хандке, австрийский писатель

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Dainty Flowers and Big Reveal
  Dresses are and quite possibly always will be my favorite garment to wear - I dream of a closet full of dresses in every possible color, hue or shade ... some day. This wrap dress in the 1950s style with dainty flowers all over it was a Spring find earlie...

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Маленький сюрприз и большой секрет!
Позвольте начать чуть-чуть издалека. В Такоме, моем родном, так сказать, американском городе, есть одна замечательная, теплая традиция - разрисовывать камни и оставлять их во всевозможных уголках как нашего города, так и за его пределами: Tacoma rocks, или ...

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О писательской жизни летом
Вообще-то по законам композиции не рекомендуется помещать объект фотографии прямо в середину. Гармоничнее, когда объект чуть-чуть (или сильно) справа или чуть-чуть (или сильно) слева. Но что считать объектом фотографии в данном случае? Мне не хотелось обрез...

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On Bottomless Closets, Childhood Flavors and Infinity
This time, I wanted to take my green dress for a walk. I didn't know where exactly we were going, other than grabbing a bite in our favorite local cafe. After we filled our bellies with yummy club sandwiches (that would be me and my dress, though come to th...

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A Walk in my 'Hood
I am not very big on "thematic" dressing, as in wearing green and red for Christmas, pink or red on Valentine's Day, and red, white and blue on Independence Day. While I don't have anything against this idea, I guess it reminds me too much of uniformity of ...

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On a Whim
Happy Independence Day to all my American friends and readers! Last Saturday, on a whim, Justin and I went to a park that we love for its awe-inspiring views and small crowds. The park is sort of tucked away from the main traffic, and the public rocky beach...

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Modish Matrons #13: Safari
Our July theme was offered by Beate, and it sounded like this: Heia Safari: What would you wear if you only could shop your closet for packing that suitcase. Now, that's a challenge! Anyone could feel puzzled if not defeated by this theme! Anyone but fierce...
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