Three weeks in with my Nextbit Robin and it is still the phone I choose as my main device each day.

I've recently updated to the beta tester programme and have Nougat on board. On the downside I've temporarily lost Android Pay but on the upside the phone is quick and slick and the update to the notifications is excellent. As are some of the enhancements to the dialer app.

I didn't think I'd last with the Robin but I've no plans to drop it yet. It performs brilliantly and never misses a beat. The fingerprint scanner is flawless and definitely in the right place on the side.

Its been rattling around in my pockets naked for the past three weeks and dropped once without so much as a scrap or scratch.

Oh...and pretty much everywhere I go someone asks me about it. I think they are still available from Amazon for £159.99. Do yourself a favour and snap one up.
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