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More Bond-age!

In numbers: Who is the most successful James Bond? -

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This is nice and light and fast. A few customisation settings don't work but seems pretty good.

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Anker Soundcore Mini -Bluetooth Speaker

Had this speaker about a week now an it is a little cracker.

A lovely compact design skinny enough to get your hand around. Really nicely made mostly from anodised metal. There is a rubberised bottom which keeps the thing well anchored in most surfaces.

You can connect by bluetooth as you'd expect but also by 3.5mm jack. You can play media direct from a micro SD card and....there is an FM tuner.

Battery life seems excellent. On its first charge it has so far managed about 6 hours and is still going strong.

For such a compact speaker the sound is excellent. Speech is loud, nicely detailed and quite full. It makes a decent fist of reproducing streamed music with enough detail and bass to make it enjoyable.

Highly recommended Wakefield when it can be had in Amazon for £18.

Well done Anker.

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The Roses played to 90,000 at Wembley last Saturday and got a brief mention on CFTE this week so why not take the opportunity to remind yourself just how great their eponymous debut was.

And if you are coming to it for the first time.... You are in for a treat.

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For those of you with more 'poppy' tendancies I might try the new offering from erstwhile punk poppers, Paramore. Less guitar pop and more synth driven, it has a certain charm which is hard to dislike. Might miss the mark for the grumpier over 40s. Try it and😀

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Never really been a fan of Paul Weller but listened a couple of times now to this new album and I must say I quite like it. It will certainly warrant a few more listens as there seems lots to get to grips with here. No real instant ear worms which usually bodes well for longevity in my experience.

It's new, it's mature, it's thoughtful. Give it a try.

I'll update you in a couple of weeks when I've had a chance to give it some decent airtime.

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As the days warm up (a bit) here in the UK I thought it was time to funk up CGFTE a bit. It's all been a bit low key recently.

How about some eighties white boy protest funk/pop?

"She was only a grocer's daughter" was a protest against Thatcher so bear that in mind. If you are a right wing stalwart this probably isn't for you.

For everyone else there is plenty here. The lyrics reflect the mood and sentiment of a significant cross section of the population during the Thatcher years. The music for the most part is in upbeat juxtaposition to the lyrics which I kinda like. There's some funk and soul in there all overlaid on a hooky pop template. And if you listen carefully some pretty good, if dialed back, guitar work.

Summer with a twist. "Check, check, check, checking out baby..."

Finally given up on Pocketcasts after using it for several years. It keeps duplicating podcasts and frying my phone battery.

Trying Castbox. Seems OK so far.
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