I've seen quite a lot of people criticizing Atarster, and now it's my turn to say what I think of him.

By looking at all the things you guys said about him, I can confirm that Noah is an antihero, a character who lacks of or has no heroic caracteristics. I'm gonna list them all for you guys:

- Like anyone out there, he doesn't want people to steal his videos, unless you ask for permission. A while ago, I found a video of AGK (it was Atarster's video BTW) as Suicide Mouse. This guy added the link to the original video in the description, but Noah still didn't appreciate the gesture. Here's the video itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3jDyKFRm7k
- A lot of you said it, he doesn't understand criticism. If you try to say that he sucks, he'll either act like a crybaby or edit your comment. But he did worst, he blocked Matt Crowley over a negative opinion on him. Can someone tell him that criticism can help you to improve in life? Because yes, criticism not only is useful online, but it is also useful in your life.
- His series contains TOO MANY characters (protagonists and/or antagonists) that only appear for one or two episodes. Why? Just why?! This is making your series and the meme even more dull. And look at the huge amount of battles. That's a big NOPE for me.
- The remakes of his episodes are not even worth it. It's only about the animation, not the writing. And when he changed the ending of "AGK VS C. Viper", I wanted to run towards a wall like a bull. Sure, the original ending was clichéd, but just leaving the park after beating up a Street Fighter character is more unacceptable. Just do what you did in "AGK VS Vergil".
- And the main reason why you guys hate Noah is because he doesn't want to take requests from you guys. Believe it or not, he thinks he will work on his episodes without the help of you guys when he should. I actually tried once 3 years ago, and the final result was semi-good. Writing sure takes a lot of time, but without it, you won't get appreciated. Just tell me what do you think of my writing: http://agk.wikia.com/wiki/AGK_%26_Flora/script

So yeah, Atarster is the AGK version of J.C. the Hyena (author of Sonic.exe).
Don't just throw random ideas in the faces of your subscribers like Noah. Make your AGK series interesting, make up your own story, amaze your fans, show them you can do better than him.

Honestly, if you would like to make an episode that Atarster already did, I recommend you start writing the script while watching his videos, that way you can fix the many flaws.

Let's give him one last chance for "AGK VS Arthur.exe"...
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