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I am a geek. I will assimilate you.
I am a geek. I will assimilate you.

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So is John C. Dvorak seriously no longer welcome on TWiT? It's harder to verify things I see on the internet now that JustinTV no longer archives all videos, but I saw a Tweet about it and would love to hear some official confirmation.

You know, you guys came really close to getting me back with last week's format and host combination. +Mike Elgan and a bunch of guests and no +Sarah Lane is simply not working for me. Wasn't the whole point of rebooting TNT to have more anchors in studio and a freer flow of conversation? You also said you didn't want to copy +Tom Merritt's BOL format, and yet now TNT is essentially using DTNS's format of having one host and a bunch of guests. I do hope this is simply a stop-gap as you find a combination that works for the show.

Now that more people I know are on here this is starting to feel more like a site I can actually use.

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I need to try Russian River Pliny the Elder.

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All Eleven Doctors worth of title sequences in one convenient video. With footnotes!

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