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Things I learned at Altera Awakens:

1) (Even unborn) Toddlers shouldn't be left alone with power tools.

2) (unborn) Toddlers will remain toddlers, even with really awesome power tools.

3) They will also scream and cry if you try to take the power tools away from them, even if they were getting close to killing themselves and everyone else.

4) They are still less jerkish than basically every other immortal being.

4a.) Vasse has really complex feels about parenthood. The below notwithstanding.

5) Parents will take every opportunity to embarrass the hell out of you, regardless of how much cash they have to spend to do it.

6) They will also embarrass everyone else, as said others don't necessarily get how gift-giving works in Mathuradu. They will not explain this, and you will likely be too busy being torn between being super embarrassed and trying to help out in important conversations to fill in this cultural detail.

7) They will further assume you're afraid when you don't want to go on a raid to smack demons with them- in spite of the fact that you /still/ can't use the fancy sword they bought you- even though the reason you're not going is so that you can help figure out how to exorcise a way more powerful demon.

8) When they come back from this raid dead, you will still feel incredibly guilty that you didn't go with them because well, you're a healer. Also, is this too oddly specific yet? I can never tell.

9) You will also kind of agree, upon their resurrection, that they are and have been kind of an asshole.

10) You will also be messed up by all this for the rest of the night. Rituals in general will also mess you up.

11) Divinations... I don't want to even talk about it. There's a lot of messed up.

12) Tacos are not messed up.

13) Apologizing to dragons by giving them shiny things is good.

14) Vasse will make build decisions based entirely on spite.

14a) On that topic, FUCK the Nightmare.

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The One About Cons
This year, Harbinger  and I went to GenCon for all 4 days, and Saturday only of Dragon*Con. So I am going to talk a little about those, though it's been... a minute since GenCon, and I have likely forgotten everything, or most things. The really awesome par...
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Well, that's awesome.
With only 19 more orders, the deluxe KING IN YELLOW coalesces. Celebrate with a DIY bookmark from the artist. Download it, print it, and slice it into the most satisfying demeanor and proportions.
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Hope and other failings.
I'd hoped I'd have managed some more posts before  this Tome Show episode I'm on  dropped, but oh well. It's there! Huzzah! Let's talk Kickstarters! Right now, I'm backing  Reign 2nd ed  and  Over The Edge 25e , and encourage you to do so also! I'm also doi...
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Things I learned at Altera Awakens:

1) Backstory so sekkret it's even sekkret from the PC event count: 1.5. But the reveal was hilarious and interesting.

2) Unsubtle suitor is unsubtle and will straight up do a soma deal right in front of your salad.

3) Even if you're not involved- and are, indeed, completely ignorant of your family's criminal enterprises, there are some things that will get picked up regardless. Like the importance of collecting people who owe you.

4) Making an Oracle slip character is oddly statisfying.

5) Vasse's ethical boundaries: Blood Magic? Sounds Neat! Casual soma use/trading/whatever? You're going to hell.

6) Dream magic and dream dragon are both the best magic, and the best dragon. Except for Kuuma. Kuuma is always the best.

7) Sometimes, listening to another player's backstory is an intensely emotionally rewarding experience.

8) Sometimes, assisting in the resurrection of an NPC is also intensely emotionally satisfying, for very different reasons.

8a) Also sometimes, you keep somebody alive for the research opportunity.

9) cursed swords are bullshit.

10) Eligh has a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and it will turn around and explode all over town, and then stab itself in the chest.

11) Coming clean when asked a direct question is really the best way to keep your girlfriend happy.

12) The best place to view an ancient dragon escaping from its prison is the inside of a Dream Circle.

13) Worst thing about living in Altera... all the goddamn vampires.

14) Vlad and Arden have heard the people fucking sing, motherfuckers.

15) Maybe Ura The Living Flame isn't the wrong sign after all.

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Oh hey, thing!
So yeah, I'm on The Tome Show  tonight, discussing Midgard Heroes  as I oh-so-smoothly insinuated in my terribly conveniently timed latest roundup post . So if you're here from that, s'up? Otherwise, I should mention that we had session #83 of Harbinger's g...
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Over a year and roundup time.
...Wow, I suck so much. I promise you that the lack of posts in the past... years has been from lack of time, and in no-wise lack of topics. So let's walk through some Roundup stuff, shall we? Running I'm running Liel , my D&D game, and... that's about it. ...
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Things I learned at Altera Awakens-

1. Most immortals are assholes.
2. Unborn immortals are awesome tho.
3. Scaling happens fast around here.
4. Academic investigation means being comfortable with constant failure.
5. Sometimes you expect the Lady and get the Joker.
6. Vasse doesn’t always deal damage, but when she does, it’s a shard 10 in a hellish dreamscape delivered with the force of thunder.
7. Ghee isn’t for everyone.
8. The rangers at Booker T are the best.

And other stuff I sure I don’t remember.

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LARP prep stuff for a character who carries books instead of weapons. :D

Can somebody please write more scripts worthy of Viola Davis? Or worthy of Amanda Waller as a character?

#suicidesquad #sobad
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