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That's odd. I'm sure there was supposed to be an October this year.

Back in August I saw a window of opportunity to do something awesome, which would be followed by a period of being "pretty busy" and then about now I would be rolling up my sleeves to do something awesome again.

Alas it was not to be.

Instead I committed to doing something awesome, then two specific events happened that got me "volunteered" for extra duties, which bled into the "pretty busy" period, which turned out to actually be a lot closer to "dear lord why have you forsaken me" than to "whoa that was tough going", and naturally on top of that I was presented with unexpected (but probably predictable) personal crises as well.

Somewhere along the line I seem to have misplaced all of October and about half each of September and November. On the plus side I seem to have lost weight, though much of it appears to be hair, judging from the clumps still caught in my ragged fingernails.

Still, one advantage of loving the pulps is that when you finally remember it you do know how to escape from quicksand.

And so here I am, though I will remain somewhat ephemeral as I focus on catching up on non-social obligations such as EXTANT! Look for updates Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Great scott...I've become a serial!

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So, Mr. Kim, you missed me again - what will be our next moves?

Stay tuned for the next episode of "rattling scabbards for fun and profit"

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On Origin: Stories on Creativity #36 Robert Kirkendall and I discuss film theory and history

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates on other shows like Mirage: Speculating on Speculative Fiction and my vlog: Old Walks Dog Subscribe on itunes:   Subscribe on stitcher Robert Kirkendall loves film he is a multi-medium artist. A director, poet,…

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I find myself wondering:

How many people recognise Martin Luther King as a product of a "classical" education?

How many see him in the context of the techno-utopianism that led to Star Trek and other SF visions of the future?

How many notice that his arguments acknowledge race without being rooted in identity politics?

Oh boy oh boy - just read a flash fic piece that made me grin: Hard edged MilSF that just tumbles out and drags you in. Makes me hungry for more, makes me look at the books and try to find a way to fund Flash Fic Fridays at EXTANT! Makes me want to go out and buy all volumes of There Will Be War. Oh boy oh boy!

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Why short form is your friend, even if you really want to write a novel.

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Posted Jan 12, 2016, this slipped under my radar.

Not certain whether to squee or to groan. Could this be awesome? Certainly - but I've seen too many great books killed.

Fingers duly crossed.

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Travellin' Man?
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