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Andrew Fedorov

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AGWTracker for Mac beta version. You can download and use from downloads section. Just download the zip unzip and run it. Supports multiple google and bing online maps. Almost every day new version till the final release ...
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Andrew Fedorov

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The Statement of Alejandro Cao de Benos, Special Delegate for the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries Government of the DPR of Korea. North-Korea-P5-3Z9DX-Photo. “STATEMENT”. Mr. Dominik Tomasz Grzyb, a polish national, radio amateur operator with identification 3Z9DX, ...
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Dom will either provide the paperwork or he won't. But, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would fake any operation, so my money is on Dom.
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Andrew Fedorov

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Compatible with any Yaesu transcevier i.e. FT-817/857/897/450(D), ELECRAFT K2 and FLEX-3000! dspp1. DSP Voice Processor is compact PCB module intented for direct Yaesu MH-31 hand mike installation! Features: 1. 8 band digital DSP equaliser with 24dB dynamic range for each band: ...
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Andrew Fedorov

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Chinese “X108G” QRP HF Transceiver – 9 Bands AM / SSB / CW 1 – 20 watts. X108G-1. Features: Microphone – multi-functional. CW Filter (500 Hz) SSB Filter (2.4 kHz) AGC S Meter – PO Meter – SWR Meter Adjustable 1-20 watt output. Modes – AM – SSB – CW 0.5 – 30 MHz (9 filtered ham bands) ...
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No thanks. 
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Andrew Fedorov

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Home; HAM Radio. >> HAM Radio News · >> NEW : Equipment · >> NEW : QRO / QRP · >> DIY · SUBMIT YOUR NEWS. DXisFUN. >> DXCluster · >> DXAgregator · >> E-Log · >> World Time. Media. HAM Stories · HAM Pics · HAM Audio · HAM Video · Live Video ...
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Andrew Fedorov

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JC-5 was designed to cover the needs of high power professional use and increased reliability. So, materials of the best in market were used, despite the high cost of some of them, due to their limited production! At the pictures you can take a look at the inside of the coupler.
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4 kw? Really. Hmm, smells like it targeted more for 11 meters. 4Kw indeed. 
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Andrew Fedorov

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Intuitive remote control switching contains of two devices – controller and relay box – communicate via ethernet. Suitably for realtime remote devices control, such as receiving antennas, power on/off for any devices, PTT, … slide-ip-sw-06. Photo by slide-ip-sw-01 ...
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Andrew Fedorov

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Temperature protection, overcurrent protection, input and output detection, high and low level, transistor, PA and ATU-through can be switched, only you need to enter 5W, 30MHz or less 120W, 50MHz 100W. No more details yet. Stay tuned.
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Andrew Fedorov

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