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Thanks to Enigma/Unboxed for talking about us!
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Thanks to DidYouKnowGaming for talking about us!
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Captain Rainbow patch update!

As you can read from here , the Captain Rainbow translation patch is finally on the way thanks to MarkAss, and you can test the current version yourself by grabbing the goods at this folder here .

Make sure to help him iron any remaining issue out!
And check the folder often to see if there's a new version out.

Hope to see the final version soon! Bye and have fun!
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Hi everyone, happy to talk to you again.
We were busy and we (almost) didn't work on Captain Rainbow anymore, but...

The good news is that someone else did.

The project I linked a long time ago, in our last post, has progressed a considerable amount.
This was the link with all the updates:
But there is also this new site with the basic info:

MarkAss worked on it using our translation, helped by both EsperKnight and us, and the finish line is actually in sight now.
This is a patch for Dolphin though, not for Riivolution. I hope to see that too later, maybe, but at least it seems it's going to be finished.

If perhaps you aren't afraid of possible bugs and want to try out a partial and unpolished patch to help him testing it, you can ask him to share it with you.
I have this download link here ( but I'm not sure it's still the latest version, you better ask him anyway.

Thanks for still following us!
Go Captain Rainbow! Go Go Go!
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I'm really happy to see that, in spite of everything, someone is effectively bringing forward our work, trying to create a patch using our translation and reaching even higher levels than before!

Several people already announced their efforts on the game, and I'd like to address your attention on one of these projects, which from the photos and videos looks very promising:,22813.0.html

Never stop the love for Captain Rainbow!
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Hi everyone!

We initially thought about making a complete release of translation, tools and broken patch, for Captain Rainbow, but as you know we're just the translators and as such we'll just do our part and release just the translation. Please ask the proper authors directly if you want the other things.

Anyway the full translation... was already out, wasn't it? I already linked it in the previous post, when I announced our works on the game have come to a stop, it contains pretty much everything:
I just added today a new page, 'Globals', which contains names and descriptions for items and animals of the game, but that's pretty much it.
I believe the only things missing are the debug room used by the developers, and the italian translation (which is not as complete as the english one anyway), but you probably won't need them.
It surely needs a bit of editing because we couldn't compare it with what happens on screen, so there are some things we may have imagined slightly different by just reading the text.

And I still haven't edited the website, I'm sorry.

With this, I wish the best to anyone who can make use of all this. We spent countless hours on it and we're still very interested in the game. We tried being the head of the project since no one else seemed to care enough/have enough time, but we failed. We just translate things, that's all we can do.
Make sure to inform us, and credit us of course, if you ever make use of it.
I even contacted Skip and Kenichi Nishi on twitter many times to ask if they could possibly be interested in releasing it outside japan, even if as a digital game, using our work (and our help to polish it) for free. Of course releasing a game abroad is not all about the translation, there are many other problems to take care of, but, well, it's a plus. Maybe make him know how much you care about it.

That's all for now, take care!
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Hello, friends.
Last time I wrote something it was summer, and I was just about to quit my job (for unrelated matters) and take some months off to devote my time to some personal projects.
Captain Rainbow was one of these, and so I was hoping to revamp the works, welcome some new helpers and get the entire community involved with public translation files like I've seen in other projects. That would have been awesome.

But, just when I was finally free from the prevoius job, something I didn't expect happened, and because of that I was forced into dedicating immediately all my attention to another personal project of mine. Yeah maybe I have too many, but this specific one can become an important step for my future career, so I can't let the opportunity slip away.

That obviously means that the patch still has no progress, and, actually, any project of the Kirameki group has been inactive for quite a long time.
I kept waiting for a miracle to happen, "now we can't, but soon we'll return working on it!" is what I kept thinking, but seems I've been overly optimistic. Truth is, we surely have less time than before, and also our priorities probably changed.

That's why I believe the only future these projects can have, is one where anybody can help freely along with us, or even without us.
We are fond of what we did, but we aren't able to keep handling a project in its entirety, nor we'll be anytime soon, so we'll release everything we have up to now, including the tools and the current 'broken' patch, and what happens from there on will be in everyone's hands.
Maybe we'll also tag along and supervise the works and give a hand, or maybe not if we can't.
The hacker, EsperKnight, despite still being busy said to be interested in continuing the works, but he'd gladly accept help from others.
There are plenty of people better than me at handling translation projects like the one for Captain Rainbow, and I hope to see them taking care of it.
Please don't be mad at us, we sincerely believed in the project and spent countless hours on it, you can take a first peek of what we did here [SPOILERS]:

We'll also do big changes to our old website, removing what isn't needed anymore and treating it more like a static archive of the past projects.
No new projects will be added. Kirameki will become officially inactive [until further notice].
Actually the only project Kirameki kept working on is the italian translation of the Mahoujin GuruGuru manga series, 150+ chapters released and still active, but that's another story, not related to videogames, and probably doesn't interest you.

We did translations for lots of things during the last decade, anime, videogames, manga. It's been fun. We started with Tales of Symphonia's anime, just for a forum we were into. Tales of Destiny 2's textual translation was an ordeal, long but fun, 9 months of playing and recording videos. Giftpia was a piece of cake in comparison, just 3 months. GuruGuru's manga got discontinued in our country and I was a fan, so it was important for me. We were just about to finish that when... they announced a brand new second series after 9 years. Oh fu...ntastic! Tales of Rebirth was also a fun project we took part into, with lots of people working on different languages, maybe we'll try finish our tasks for that at least. Seles in these years has also become a professional manga/anime translator and I help her sometimes, so we're always pretty busy on things like these.

It's not like we'll disappear now, but nonetheless I want to thank you again for all the support you gave us in this adventure of ours, even when times were grim. Thank you, thank you so much.
We still have to release what we said, so you'll hear from us again, don't worry. See you soon!
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This 10kg watermelon was offered by Tobias from Sweden, and our translator goes nuts for watermelons. Thanks Tobias!
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Hi and thank you all for your support, for your offers and your will to make donations! Let's see together some topics you wrote about:

- We have a donation button on our good ol' website, but at this point, I'd advise you to NOT donate for Captain Rainbow or other incomplete projects.
Ideally money shouldn't matter in these cases, it must be just a work of passion, and most of all, we feel it'd be unfair since it's been on hold for a long time and we have such an uncertain future course of action.
But we'll gladly take donations when it's all done, so remember and do it at the right time ;) Thanks in advance!
On the other hand, little donations for completed projects are welcomed (it's just giftpia for non-italian people though - but I know there's a tales of destiny 2 english translation on gamefaqs completely based on ours if interested).

- We received some help offers, in public and also in private messages, but I have yet to answer them. I'm contacting the hacker right now, so please wait until we agree on how to proceed. Thanks people!
Anyway, don't take for granted that the issue is resolved now that there are offers, people sudden disappearances are not unusual in this field, so keep the offers coming!
For those asking, nope we don't want to hire and pay someone to do it, as I said before it's immoral, unfair toward who worked for free, and also... probably pretty illegal.

- Yes, the translation by itself will probably be released before the patch comes out or at any other time it could be useful for the public.

See ya!
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Since I neglected my own promise, the one about the 6+ months, some of you became really worried about Captain Rainbow, and I can perfectly understand that, but be assured that the situation has not worsened during this time.

I want to explain the situation once more: we are merely translators, and we did all our homework, all we could possibly do for now, as the translation is 100% complete. What we still miss is a patch that inserts our text in the game, which was still in the middle of development and very buggy. That's not something we can do alone, so we asked many people, we got few responses, but in the end no one could find the time to complete the process. The last person we had working on it is still reachable, he's just busy, and agreed to teach us (or someone else) what is needed to know to complete the patch, but we couldn't find the time for it.

Speaking theoretically, one important point to notice is that the patch just can't be 'completely cancelled', because the translation is here, it's ready. Even if we said that it's cancelled, a random guy saying "hi I'm a hacker, can I try making the patch with you?" would be enough to restart everything again immediately.

But speaking more practical, this unfinished work is something that bugs me greatly, and it seems I can't find peace until it's done. Really, sometimes I remember about it at night and it gives me insomnia. So, since in a few months I'm supposed to quit my job and try launching a project of mine, I think I'll try my best (if noone else is up to it) to find the time to learn whatever I have to learn even though I'm not experienced in hacking, and finish it almost by myself.

I wasn't revealing this last information because it's not certain, something could change, something could impede my work and it would be another broken promise, but I feel like I want to risk again. So, let's hope together and prepare our yo-yos, once more. Thank you for your continued support!
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