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White Wolf storycards making a comeback. Into the last 12 hours - so take a look quickly!
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Saw this on another community I'm in.

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Something that might be of interest to other people here. :-)

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Not sure if this has been said anywhere - but I didn't get a chance (I was out - my own fault not the team's) to increase my pledge to include the new book physically.

Are the team using KS's survey process or something like BackerKit which allows for pledges to be increased after the KS is over?

Been meaning to write this for some time, but haven't got around to it.  What follows is my ideal world when it comes to the schedule and publishing of +Onyx Path Publishing books - which I don't claim is the best system, but is where I think things should be to improve perceptions.

I like the recent trend of releasing the PDF so it can be crowd-edited for those minor errors we know and love from White Wolf (no more Page XX we hope?) - although I would like to see some sort of stated deadline for how long that process is going to run before the PoD version is made.  I bought the Strix Chronicles PDF on the 16th December, and I don't actually know yet when the PoD version will be out - beyond the usual vague 'soon'.

Which brings me to the schedule.  Now, I understand that OPP don't want to stifle the creativity of their writers, and that the days of WW when they had to work to hard shipping deadlines produced some of their less than perfect works.  I don't want them to go back to that, but at the same time I personally feel that the schedule is a joke.  It is something that I see joked about with my friends in Nottingham, by people I don't know on IRC, and which generally gives a feel of not been taken seriously by OPP themselves.

"Well the schedule says April 2014, so we can assume they mean April 2015 instead" is part of a conversation I had with someone the other day.

This, to me, suggests there is a problem.  It's frustrating not being able to plan purchases ahead of time - I know someone who was trying to buy Strix for their girlfriend for Christmas.  Christmas 2012.

There are always going to be delays, but I think that the fashion in which the schedule is updated is handled badly.  Strix went through a period of about a month and a half where every week its deadline was moved forward another week - so there was a continual, gritty feel to the process that just annoyed people.  Whereas, if the problems had been considered at the start and the deadline has been moved by 2 months, then I feel that people would have been understanding of the delay and looked forward to the publishing - rather than the fruit being forever winched slightly out of reach.  Predicting delays isn't easy, and humans aren't good at working out how long a project is going to take, but rather than continually correct forward, why not set a longer delay and then make everyone happy when the product is out 'early'?

And onto Kickstarter.  OPP Kickstarter is not a pre-order or anything like that.  I know that.  However...  I think that the earlier Kickstarters (when OPP were working out what their approach was going to be) suffered from the gap between the end of the KS and the release of their products.  What I think is the best approach is how they've nearly got it working now (which is a roundabout compliment, yes - this post isn't all bad :)) - see Demon: the Descent.

Demon: the Descent Kickstarter opened with a link, on the Kickstarter description so available to the whole world, to the 95% complete text of the book.  What I'd like to see is that the PDF/PoD versions of the book are released shortly after the Kickstarter ends - which necessitates the product being basically complete at the time of the Kickstarter, which in turn should mean that the Deluxe edition won't be along too much later (obviously stretch goals might need writing, and there's the additional printing times, etc. - I'm not saying it should be instant).  Best of all worlds.  :)

Plus, I like the PoD discount they added to Demon - so that you can have a lovely copy, and use another one to actually run games.  ;)

* Carry on with the PDF release, with PoD following - but with a clearer PoD release date.
* A more realistic approach to schedule updates, recognising that predicting delays is difficult and extra buffer time should be added.
* Deluxe Kickstarters to begin at the same time as the PDF/PoD approval process.
* PoD discount for backing Deluxe Kickstarters is a good idea.
* Comments welcome.
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{Cross posted to Facebook and Google+} #GMC #nWoD

Ran a one-shot last night using the new God-Machine rules and based on one of the Tales in the book - The Key.

In terms of combat, it's brutal if you're not evenly matched.  The antagonist took three turns to put one of the player characters unconscious on 4 Lethal and 4 Bashing, while taking no damage himself - no other characters were around.  This at least earned a Beat... (Damage in the right-most health box).

The new social manoeuvring rules look interesting, but they are clearly for long term or difficult goals - just trying to convince someone here and now to do something is still the purview of a straight roll.  Time per roll for the manoeuvring rules is either 1/turn, 1/hour, 1/day, or 1/week...

I run WoD XP at a slightly higher rate than White Wolf suggest - I do 1xp per hour of play rather than per game.  I did the same for Beats - 1 per hour per player, rather than 1 per game per player.  We also put all the Beats earned into the centre of the table so we could see who contributed what to the group pool (just to see how/if it was split).  The majority of the Beats earned were purely from time spent playing.  Of the 25 Beats (or 5xp) at the end of the game 19 were from time (4 players and 4.75 hours of game) and of the other 6, I think two or three were from turning Failures to Dramatic Failures, another three from resolving Conditions, and one from damage (see above).  There were at least four Conditions left unresolved at the end of the session - mostly from failed Integrity rolls.

The overall impression we had of the rules was that we liked them, but they were going to take some getting used to.  The big change was the Conditions system, and remembering who was subject to what - and then remembering to resolve the Conditions so that Beats were earned.
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