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Broward SCORE
Non-profit organization dedicated to providing free mentoring to small business owners.
Non-profit organization dedicated to providing free mentoring to small business owners.

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Congratulations to SCORE Naples!

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Building and sustaining high levels of customer advocacy hinge on earning the trust and enthusiasm of employees. Ultimately, companies should understand which elements of employee engagement most affect customer advocacy, so they can identify ways to improve both.
Companies that have substantially raised employee engagement act differently. They go beyond the basic prerequisites of employee satisfaction, which include an emotionally safe environment, the right tools to get work done and fair compensation...

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Gold Tone Products Succeeds with SCORE Counseling

     Gold Tone Products based in Pompano Beach is the largest manufacturer of reusable coffee filters and accessories in the USA. They have a great line of quality products that are both convenient and eco-friendly.  The management of the company contacted Broward SCORE because they needed fresh strategies for growth and expansion of their product line.  Since March, a counseling team from Broward SCORE has been conducting a series of customized workshops with Gold Tone’s top managers. 

     SCORE counselors David Harris, Ernie Cevallos, and Kenrick Pierre assisted the managers in creating new Vision and Mission statements, as well as building a comprehensive Business Plan for Growth.  In addition, a new marketing strategy is being formulated that is projected to double Gold Tone’s sales over the next 3 ½ years.

     The customized workshop series conducted for Gold Tone Products is part of a new initiative launched by Broward SCORE in late 2011.   It is a team counseling concept designed to energize the growth of existing small businesses.  Contact Broward SCORE to find out how we can help your business with a customized workshop series, and get on the success track like Gold Tone Products.

Photo Caption:    Broward SCORE counselors work on an updated Business Plan with the management team of Gold Tone Products.  Pictured L-R :  Kenrick Pierre,Broward SCORE ; Diane Pasley, Bryan Pasley and Marc Mendelsohn of Gold Tone Products ; and Ernie Cevallos and Dave Harris, Broward SCORE

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A new standard order of plan documents: Not convinced by Seth Godin's approach. What is your take?

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As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, the Talent Board came up with a metric to help companies determine the real dollar value of an angry, alienated applicant. That effect multiplies as applicants Tweet, post to Facebook and otherwise communicate their frustrations with a company to their friends and families, who likewise develop unhappy associations with that brand.

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2012 Florida small business friendliness survey, via in partnership with Kauffman Foundation. South FL is tops in FL...

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Lessons from a self made millionaire by age 14...

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Need funds for your start-up, look up Kickstarter. To date, it has raised more than $200 million for 20,000 projects, or about 44 percent of those that sought financing on the crowdsourcing site.

Great resource to help you evaluate how mobile may be super pertinent to the success of your business...

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What can small businesses learn from big business when it comes to innovation.
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