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When Home is Not a Place
Before moving away to college, I'd
only known two houses as   home , and they lived just across town
from one another.  Eighteen years surrounded by the same familiar faces
and places, and the handful of friends I'd made when I was still in diapers. My husb...

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15 Things We've Learned (The Hard Way) From Military Life, Thus Far
Last month, the first chapter of my husband's military career came to an end, and a new one began. Looking back, it feels like I can remember every little detail about the day it all started. The
cold fluorescent lighting that reflected harshly off the shi...

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Survive The Season
Hanging on the wall above my computer - among the jumble of
inspirational quotes, photographs of my husband and our babies, and
images that make up the hopes and dreams of my vision board - is a
picture of a woman I cut out of a magazine. There's a baby ...

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Why I Blog
I'm pretty sure you're going to think I'm nuts when I tell you this. But. I actually like doing the dishes. No, really. I do. If one can really say they have a favorite chore, it's mine. And, I don't just rinse them off before loading them into the dishwash...
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