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Dan Sanders
Music, stuff, nonsense.
Music, stuff, nonsense.
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Free Arturia MiniMoog V Original virtual instrument - today only. Really! #WorldMusicDay

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A pleasant half hour about stealing from Guy Garvey. No, hang on, I need more punctuation there.

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For those who use music tech... and for the benefit of studentkind and all those of us unbothered by the urge to spend money on plug-ins, what free, legitimate plug-ins do you actually use?

It doesn't count if you have a hard drive full of free stuff which doesn't ever get used in anger: which ones do the job?

As a start-off, I find myself reaching for the TAL stuff, particularly the last two synths, Elec7ro and NoiseMaker, which are supposed to be similar, but aren't the same.

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Gadget alert!

And this is cheap too:
Fancy a genuine Moog synth for 69p ? Get it now !

(If you have an iOS device, that is)

via +Patrick DSP

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"Things wot I found on my iPlayer", volume 94. In which Steve Levine discovers that pianos and guitars sounded the same in the early 70s. I'm holding on for a LMFAO documentary in this series. Come on BBC...

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Listened to this on the way into work this morning: (scroll up to play it for the next few days)

A bloke at a piano explains why Elbow are like Henry Purcell and Joy Division. And stuff. Next week: why Chase and Status are like Benjamin Britten. Really. (but probably not for the reasons suggested on my twitter, though, eh)

It reminded me of this, which is brilliant:

But it did strike me that you could pretty much choose to play just about anything you fancied just to make a point? Kind of like a musical version of the Thought for the Day slot on that Radio 4.
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