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Via Ivan Agerton:

Royal Galactic needs a PA for the next month here in Seattle. You need to be smart, fast and mellow. You may have to watch my kids for a couple hours a week.. You may have to pick Tim off the floor after a heavy night of drinking. Justin will Facetime with you sans shirt. If this sounds appealing, DR me asap. Lots going on and we need some help.. One last thing.. If you have a 9-5 already we cant use you.. We need someone available 24-7..

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Our RED Epic is the first to go super sonic!

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These two Epics went straight from my hands to the set of Spiderman. ;)

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Here is how the Blackmagic Cinema Camera's sensor size stacks up against the competition: it falls somewhere between S16mm and Micro 4/3.

It is super convenient that it takes Canon lenses but the 2.3x crop factor is significant: it means the 20mm you are used to on your 5D MkII will feel like a 46mm lens.

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Wow MOG has way more of the music I listen to (Katie Melua, The Flower Kings, Saga, Spock's Beard) than Spotify does. Surprising!

Anyone know if Spotify has more tracks available in the US or UK? I currently have a UK account and I'm trying to figure out if I should switch to US (it's 2.5 times cheaper).

I think it would be cool if you could "share" Circles on Google+. If someone created a Circle with lots of cool posters in it I would like to be able to grab that and add it to my Circles. Kind of like how you can subscribe to Twitter Lists...

Spotify is coming to the US tomorrow! Def. my favorite music service. Sign up for a free account here:

It would be interesting if you could make it so people could subscribe to some of your Circles. For example I post pictures of my daughter (family Circle) and cinema stuff (cinema Circle). Now some cinema people might be interested in toddler pics but I don't want to spam them if they aren' would be cool if they could opt in to those posts.

I think that's where Google+ could outdo Facebook: make it super easy to share the different parts of your life with the appropriate groups of people.
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