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Sherrie York
Relief printmaker. Draughtswoman. Sometimes painter. Outside fuels my insides.
Relief printmaker. Draughtswoman. Sometimes painter. Outside fuels my insides.

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Linocut in Progress: Predictable Working Stages (PWS)
There are some things about reduction printing that I find more or less predictable, given that I so often employ the Seat-of-Your-Pants Method of image development. My Predictable Working Stages (PWS) usually unfold like this: The first few steps and color...

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Linocut in Progress: Slightly less vague?
When we last left our printmaker, she had spent several days creating print stages that were in the running for the "Most Boring Photo Ever Posted to a Blog" award. I'm not sure we've fared much better in the photography department since then, although a lo...

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Linocut in Progress: Vague beginnings
After several pre-printing hiccups I finally got my new linocut drawn up and on the press this week. It's another largeish piece, 18" x 18," and it's a return to one of my favorite themes: Birds and water. Not that you can tell yet: Step 1... can you see it...

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When Good Ideas Go Bad
You know how they say trouble comes in threes? It turns out January brought trouble in multiples of three. Now that it's February, I'm hoping the universe has all this ridiculousness out of its system and will let me just get on with work. Rather than bore ...

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Merganser exploration under way Slowly but surely I approach the big (18 x 24-inch) merganser linocut . Lino is cut and sanded. Composition is more or less determined. I'm thinking about color passes and their order. The first one or two will be straightfor...

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Artist Residency Opportunity!
Every summer I am so fortunate to spend time at a place I love: Hog Island Audubon Camp , off the coast of Maine. The island itself is a 330-acre wildlife sanctuary, and the energy of the camp community can't be beat. Long-time readers may recall that I spe...

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Linocut in Progress: The cat is out of the bag. Or at least off of the press.
As usual, my assertion that I only needed 2 or 3 more passes on the little cat linocut was premature. If only I were able to restrain myself when I start down the "Oh, but it could be better if I did this " path... Yeah. Like that will ever happen. Bitsy, r...

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Linocut in Progress: Pussyfooting around
Never thought I'd use the word "pussyfooting" in... well... anything , to tell the truth. But I'm making a linocut of a cat and I'm sneaking around trying to avoid On Sunday when the forecast called for 70% chance of snow and all we got was gray ...

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A slow start to the studio year....
Inauspicious beginnings, that's what I've got here. Less-than-stellar exhibition sales and a case of the crud have characterized January thus far. We're also finally experiencing winter, so between weather and sickness my desire to get out for good, long wa...

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First week of January... It's time to think about the SUMMER!
We're "enjoying" a full-blown winter storm here in the Heart of the Rockies today. Howling wind, single-digit temps, horizontal snow. So of course it's a great day to think about a sunny island off the coast of Maine, where I'll be an instructor for a coupl...
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