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Brian Krebs
-1, or i, and on good days π....
-1, or i, and on good days π....

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I love the #FloBron stuff.  This one is amazing.

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#debates2012  - this registered Ohio republican thinks so little of #mittromney   he's voting for #barakobama  

Here's the #Battleship link:

Just for the fun.  Between Battleship and Binders of Woman, I think this Halloween should be funny....

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Wow, I didn't know that the entire village of Zoar is in danger of being demolished.  That just seems crazy to me.

Cleveland Sports Fan Pledge

I thought this was worth re-posting, I wrote this down, and it's a transcript from a Podcast of Tony Rizzo (Formerly of Fox 8 News, and host on 850am EspnCleveland) in 2010.  Still good.

"I do solomly sware not to get sucked up in the hype and expectation and set myself up for the giant fall, 
I am not going to expect anything because this is Cleveland sports, and if we win something, 
I will be the most plesantly suprised person in the entire universe." - Tony Rizzo

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Beam me up for that!
MIT researchers have developed needleless shots like the ones administered by Dr. McCoy, and it's cool technology:

"The injector is built around a Lorentz-force actuator--a small, powerful magnet surrounded by a coil of wire that's attached to a piston. When the system is charged, it interacts with the magnetic field to produce a force that pushes the piston forward. This force ejects the drug at a pressure and velocity strong enough to get through skin, but supposedly feels no worse than a mosquito bite."

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Looks like Zagat ratings are now all free. Thank you Google.

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My thoughts exactly.

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interesting article on taxes.
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