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I spotted this poor lady initially on Thanksgiving Day looking for work as I was leaving the York Road Shopping Center in Baltimore ( I felt so helpless and guilty because she wasn’t asking for money, but for a steady job. It was beyond me. It was especially sad because this was someone who should be enjoying retirement, but can’t.

The next day, I thought to take a picture of her and her sign to post it online to have her exposed to more people. When I went to find her though, she wasn’t there.

I was in the area today, and coincidentally, there she was: Still asking for help as cars were exiting the plaza. I finally approached her and asked if I could snap a picture so I can put her ad online in the hopes that someone out there would be able to find something for her.

So, here it is.

If you know someone looking for a seamstress, will you please tell that person about Gail? If you yourself can help, please reach out to her. Gail can be contacted at 443-810-0561. If you can't help, at least share this post so that someone following you can.

Thank you.

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I think it's great that you're trying to help her. I've shared the post and hope others will do the same.
This is but one example of a society which has industrialized faster than it can depopulate through natural attrition. The Keystone XL sand-tar oil pipeline is the emerging "shovel-ready" threat to what little family life we have yet. Jobs for some -- to be sure, and more cold-shouldered baby boomers struggling to adapt to changes foisted upon them by a woefully powerful few. Oh, well ?
I wonder if the local newspaper in the area would find this a good human interest story. I think it's really cool that you took these shots and posted them. I will share.
That's constructive compassion, Daniel. Well done.
Daniel, why don't you post this on Reddit? The Reddit community seems to be very helpful in such matters.
I'm so proud of you and I don't even know you, Blessings ...will share
+Anirban Banerjee i don't have a reddit account. if you think that will be more helpful, i'll do it right now. thanks for the tip!
Thank you, Daniel. I hope someone out there can help her.
"Random acts of kindness" is one of the best cliches. You are doing a good thing! Thank you!
Hi,daniel,this is so touching that it almost makes me cry.............u hv a good heart....................may GOD bless u.................................
It is so sad! Fortunately, however, there are still people who are only too happy to lend a helping hand.
Steven Michaels, you should have been in the towers and all that think like you do!
Aww I hope she finds work...but on another note whoever wrote that has awesome penmanship O.O
I check a lot of posts on What's Hot on G+, and this one is by far the most down to earth, and touching. Thank you for posting this. Good luck to Gail.
oh if i am there i will sure that i am going to give her the job and start learning sewing
People out of work in big cities can be janitors, cab drivers, security guards and more as stop gap jobs until the better times come.Bring in some cash instead of watching the television. If they find out you were in your house for six months they will not hire you.
Good luck. At least one man has tears in his eyes.
Wondering why couldn't she get government's social security fund???
Great job done , quiet touching one . Even i think she shouldnt be working. She's priviliged senior citizen lady who should sit back and enjoy her old age. But sure we can share this to get her support .
+Steven Michaels I am absolutely disgusted that someone would say something like that. I can't believe that someone would be so sadistic as to take joy knowing that HUNDREDS of people died just so you can imagine ONE greedy rich guy suffering. If you looked at how much money you have compared to the rest of the world you would be considered pretty rich as well but I doubt you give up all your money. Just because someone is rich doesn't mean they don't donate and deserve to die.
Props to you for doing this for her. I can think of another helpful step - does she have some of her handiwork? You could post pictures of that, and some details about the kinds of tools she works best with.
If I were in your neck of the woods, I would grab everything that needed hemming, let in/out, and small repairs, and give her a call. Unfortunately, I am many many miles away. Perhaps Gail could set up a Google+ account, via the library if she doesn't have her own computer, and take piecework from those in the neighborhood until she finds something more steady.
good job daniel!!! god bless u
its really sad..that she has to search for a steady job... felt very sad.. wish her good luck.!!
i have mother and daughter and i feel very bad about that
We need more people like you in this world. Way to go! Hopefully this lady will find a job very soon! And it will be thanks to you! =)
This is America now. Just think about what will happen to us when SS runs out.
That's really sad, but it's so commonplace in my country (Philippines) to see people reach old age and not be able to truly retire, or worse, they become financial burdens to their children who are just starting their own families. Everyone who isn't preparing for their future by doing their best to increase their financial intelligence is headed in that direction, or worse. We don't have to be megabillionaires to have a good life (and it also isn't true that all the rich people are greedy) but we can have relatively comfortable, debt-free lives without being burdens to our families if we PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE NOW.

This of course involves being responsible: enough with blaming the government, the rich, the businessmen, the politicians, fate, the recession, and everything and everyone else - we all have the potential to be financially successful if we first realize that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.
I think I might now a place but because of fincancial reasons I don't know if she can be hired
Ken M
Very sad that in this day and age that people have to resort to this kind of thing. Especially at her age. good luck to her and I hope some can help her.
Very nice post. But unfortunately, work is becoming an increasing rarity in this country.
My respect to this woman. I admire these kind of people
inspiring and heartbreaking, all at the same time.
Thanks for sharing! I just posted on my FB wall :) Maybe someone will see and be able to help her out!
I've read all of the comments and no one it seemed asked any clarifying questions. Please don't lable me unfairly as insensitive just for asking and just for being curious but did you stop to ask her specifically if she was on government assistance? Did she need work to supplement her income? What was her story? I am very curious.
She is a doll. Unlike some people here in Colorado, who are professional beggars.I followed a van early one morning to watch them being dropped off.
just remember that God is watching out over her.he will make sure she will be ok and he will bless her dearly
yeah God will watch out for her, no need to worry anymore or help her out. my conscience is now clear.
over 400 shares, there's gotta be someone out there who can help her. Best of luck to her, and bless your kind heart for starting this. :)
Thats called self respect. One must be self dependant whatever should be the conditions. After all nature supports those who struggle. We must remember such persons and learn to live with grace even in oldage.
I wish her the very best, too bad the sweet lady has to still be slaving in this corporatism society.
I'm really sad she isn't in Texas. I really need a seamstress at the moment.
+Daniel Alexander I am proud that there are still people like you that take the time and care enough to help and reach out for others who may not have the resources to do so themselves... I wish i lived closer so i could help as well.
sometimes we feel so helpless my lots of love & prayers to this strong lady,god bless.
an admirable woman who wishes to use her talents for the benefit of others.
I have shared, and I cross posted to Facebook. I'd love her to teach me to sew, but I'm too far away.
You are a good person to share this +Daniel Alexander Thank you.
It is courageous thing which i ever seen in my life. It's so sad, but it also shows some passion which is hidden in that woman. I like so much this woman.
U wrote "I felt so helpless"...
Your remark makes this picture even more striking.
How can our society learn to handle the poor/old/disabled/...?
Hey +Daniel Alexander how about we get her in a hangout to teach sewing classes on how to make Christmas stockings for say $10 per seat? +Michael Marotta don't you live near there. Can you help set this up? Come on guys it's the holidays. There are stockings to be sewn, let's make this happen. We can set up a Google page and Google site in no time.
The system made us works until we die and, even worst, not all of us have the 'privilege' to work till they die, either. We're begging to die working. Life was supposed to fun, God damnit, we were supposed to do our part and after that retire, play with our grandsons... what happened?!... The system works... but only for the 1%
+Daniel Alexander Thank you for the constructive help you offer Gail and for sharing with us. I have shared here on Google+ and on Facebook.
i'm with +Robert Anderson on this ... let's help the lady out ... i'm not interested in sewing, so i won't book a class ... it would be unfair to take the place of somebody who really wants it, but i'll gladly contribute the $10 and i'll do anything to help to set up the hangout ... we can't help the whole world, but we can at least help one person each to have a wonderful xmas too ...
I have posted it to my tumblr.. hope it helps ..
I'm loving the determination of gail to find a job rather than ask for money, she's such a trooper. So glad there are beautiful people in the world, thanks for sharing +Daniel Alexander. I really hopes she has a wonderful holiday season.
u know i would share this if im in the US but unfortunately im not. if i am a billionaire i would spend all my money helping people. this post is so touching.
+1 for Daniel Alexander! this just shows that you don't need a reason to help people.
I feel like there are a ton of anime fans in Baltimore, people who would love to know a reasonably priced seamstress to help with their costumes. : /
Viking Sewing Gallery in Cockeysville, MD (410) 628-0140,
Everybody is assuming Gail's plea is honest. But, and I'm sorry to disillusion you, virtually all people flying a sign compose the sign for effectiveness, and honesty isn't a big concern. "Will Work for Food" was and still is very common. But the flyer doesn't really want to work, they just want money. Have you ever actually tried to hire someone flying a sign? --- Does Gail refuse money? Gail is not a seamstress; she's a beggar.
I posted it on my Tumblr, it's gotten over 7000 notes/reblogs, and still going! Hopefully that helps. :)
I posted this to my tumblr blog and I tweeted it to my 2800+ twitter family! Let's get her some work!
I know Gail very well, have for about 20 years. she is the mother of one of my closest friends. she is the kindest, most sincere, caring woman i have ever known. Found this on tumblr linked here as the original post. Thank you all for doing this, she is deserving.
I've shared this on my Tumblr. Thanks +Daniel Alexander for making everyone aware of this lady's situation. I really would like to help and if there are any proactive measures you plan on taking to help this lady, please count me in. Thanks again.
any news on her? did she get a job
oh i hope u dont mind that i repost this
thank u
Hi, +Desy Erlangga. I left a message for her last night. I haven't heard back, but I'll keep you all updated. Thank you for re-posting.
you have captured one of the most powerful images of our times. x
Thank you for posting this Daniel. I have reshared it as well.
hi David, hows u, so how is Gail? good?
Gail's good. I'm going to provide another update after she returns my call.
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