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I'm definitely into Music, Photography, Fitness, Family or is it Family, Photography,Music, Fitness Then again sometimes it's Fitness, Music, Photography, Family. Oh well you get the picture
I'm definitely into Music, Photography, Fitness, Family or is it Family, Photography,Music, Fitness Then again sometimes it's Fitness, Music, Photography, Family. Oh well you get the picture

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Chuck Prophet-Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins

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Nick Waterhouse- Never Twice

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Tift Merritt- Stitch Of The World

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Aside from buying and using a professional record cleaner or solution, I would clean them with a diluted dish soap and purified water solution. Use a soft cloth on a flat surface covered with a towel. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely.
Question.  I've recovered some vinyl records my mom had stored in a "barn."  The covers on most have not fared well.  The records themselves look OK; albeit dusty, dirty, and in some cases you can see where mold had grown on the sleeve over the record.

Is there a way to carefully clean up these albums to at least playable condition? 
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Well it’s time for those end of the year lists. I really enjoy seeing what everyone has been listening to and comparing it to my tastes. I know this is a few days late, but hope you enjoy it. 
I usually read these lists and see if there are a few artists that either I own already or know about and then I tend to look at the ones that I don't recognize and go check them out.
Also, if I see top ten lists that have artists that I don't know, its really a sign that maybe I missed something.
Now, typically I don't like ranked top ten lists, because there are so many good releases that are equal ,its to hard to choose a top ten.
So this is my list and it contains in no certain order, some of the music I discovered this year or have continued to follow.
So I won't try to include the obvious choices including Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams, Chuck Prophet, Wussy, Spoon and one of my favorites, War On Drugs.

But here are a few of some great releases that may have been overlooked.

*Jeremy Fisher "The Lemon Squeeze"
 I first heard this cd at a listening station at Stinkweeds in Phoenix. 
 I love listening stations for finding new music. He sounds like a cross between Billy Joel and Leo          Sayer.

*The Bayonets "Crash Boom Bang"
   McCartney’s touring guitarist Brian Ray's band with a killer rocker "Whatcha Got". The rest of the album rocks out as well.

*Bahamas "Bahamas is Alfie"
  Now I've seen this on a couple of lists, but this is one that if it shows up on a few people's list everyone will get the idea.
  Bahamas is really, Alfie Jurvanen a Canadian born Singer who has put out a great album.
   I had never heard of him, but looks like he has three albums out. Worth checking out.

*Derek Senn "The Technological Breakthrough"
I heard "The Shit We Keep" on Mike's show and had a good laugh and decided to check out it out.
His self released CD was actually shipped with a personal thank you note from Derek. Talk about someone who cares. This is well written music, with self-effacing humor and finely crafted melodies.
*Nathan Reich "All Night Pharmacy"
I heard a song on the TV show Parenthood and decided to listen to it. Glad I did. He's a great singer, songwriter.

* Piers Faccini  "Sons Of Time Lost'
Now I've been following Piers music for awhile, but I saw this release was only him on guitar and singing and Vincent Segal on cello. It had to be something special. I wasn't wrong. I'm also reading about a brand new release that might be worth checking out “The Many Are One” A Beating Drum Compilation.

*The Lions *This Generation in Dub”
  Only some of the best Dub reggae I’ve heard in years. I went and listened to the original album and wasn’t as impressed. The engineer that remixed this really must have known what he was doing because this version is excellent. 

*The Plates “Punky Reggae”
Former Samples drummer,Jeep MacNichol, has been putting out a hybrid of reggae/rock for awhile and just keeps getting better. This is truly worth investing some time in, if you like reggae influenced music.He has many song available for free.

*Peter Bradley Adams “The Mighty Storm”
The singer, song writer, a Loft favorite,keeps spreading his style of mellow, self-penned music.

*Nick Waterhouse “Holly”
Now I haven’t seen this on any lists yet and I can’t figure out why. This guy is the real deal, playing a R&B Style of rock that transports to a sweaty club on the chitlin circuit. He puts together another set of his incomperable rockin' R&B. He's stylelistically in the past ,but brings a fresh feel to this music.

*Walter Martin “Were All Young Together”
The Walkman’s, Walter Martin put this out while on hiatus from his band and calls it “a family album”. I just think it’s a great album. The song writing is perfect, right instruments, excellent vocals all done with a sly smile.

*Eric Clapton and Friends "Call Me The Breeze"
Eric has put together an all star list of musicians to pay tribute to the remarkable J.J.Cale. He was one of my favorite musicians and songwriters and this tribute pays homeage to both of his skills. 

*Mark Rivera "Common Bond"
This sax playing star best known for playing with Billy Joel has put together a solo album that really rocks. The backing band is a who's who of musician friends and top session players. Mark sings, plays sax and guitars. And with the help of friend and producer Jimmy Bralower play some inspired original and memorable covers. The version of Fleetwood Mac's "Tell Me' alone is worth the cost.

*Kishi Bashi  "Lishsht"
Now I had never heard of this guy and saw his album and the cover alone is absoloutly beautiful. Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Kaoru Ishibashi. He has a Sufjan Stevens feel to it with orchestration. Very unique sounding.

A few honerable mentions,

* Paul Rogers "Royal Sessions"

* Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "Give The People What They Want"

* Kodaline "In A Perfect World'

* Above and Beyond "Acoustic"

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but if you find any of these artists to your likeing, try listening to some of the others.

Happiest of New Year to You all. Here's to the New music of 2015


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From the land of The Underground Garage some Screamin', Hot,Sexy Rock and Roll
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Taken from our room over Memorial Day Weekend. Beautiful sunset looking towards West Palm Fl. All are 5 exposure bracketed HDR processed with Photomatix and Lightroom.
Sunset From "The Resort At Singer Island"
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Sunset over West Palm Beach From The Resort At Singer Is.
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Congratulations Rick, You must be so proud. Very impressive, but whats Quantitative Economics?
Sooooo proud of our son Marco. He graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University this weekend with a degree in Quantitative Economics - along with two department honors and three awards.

Go Marco and go Tufts University.

Hard works pays off. Very hard work really pays off!

P.S. The Tufts professors are awesome.

#Tufts #graduation2013 #parenting +Victoria Schmitt +Hal Schmitt +Juan Pons 
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