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Everyone makes mistakes. It's less excusable to publish them. #arteducation  #technique #classes

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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing
What does one artist
teach another, in person, that cannot be learned off the internet? Sometimes
it's about accountability. Dish of butter, by Carol L. Douglas Yesterday an alert reader sent me a blog post purporting to
show how to draw “the top of the flo...

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In the end a painting is an object, a possession, and the owner has the right to destroy it in any way he or she sees fit. #winstonchurchill   #lostportrait  

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The client hates the painting
A grateful nation
wanted to honor Sir Winston Churchill for his remarkable service. The painting
they commissioned was regrettably unsympathetic. Sir Winston Churchill , by Graham Sutherland In 1954, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was winding
up his ...

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The opening is Friday, April 7, from 6-8 PM. Just go down Route 131 past the General Store, the Post Office, and the Town Hall, and it will be on your right. If you cross the creek, you’ve gone too far.

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Go Barons!
Everyone on this
planet is separated by only six other people, but you have to find the right
six people to make the connection. On Saturday, I drove to Tenants Harbor to
drop off paintings at the Jackson
Memorial Library for Plein
Air Painters of Maine ’s ...

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I just know my Prius is out there in the driveway, grinning slyly to itself. It knows I will never replace it.

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Fixing what is broke
More Work than They Bargained For (Isaac H. Evans),  by Carol L. Douglas. A working schooner
is the antithesis of our throwaway culture. “My other piece of
advice, Copperfield,” said Mr. Micawber, “you know. Annual income twenty
pounds, annual expenditure n...

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For the romantic, a crane might seem a strange subject. However, there is a true relationship between cranes and boats with masts. Plus, my toddler grandson will like it. #schooner   #midcoast   #Maine  

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Prairie madness
Little Giant (North End Ship Yard), 1 6X12, oil on canvas, Carol L. Douglas  As I write this, the temperature is 9° F.
That’s not exactly balmy, end-of-March weather. The wind blew steadily yesterday
and into the night. It was a cutting wind, and it roared ...
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