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Jill Weatherhead
The best of being a mom. The best of being a teacher. Having my cake and eating it too!
The best of being a mom. The best of being a teacher. Having my cake and eating it too!

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Welcome to my Teaching Portfolio
I hate re-inventing the wheel. And I loathe wasting time. Every since I had a family of my own my "time-sensor-feelers" have been on high alert and anything taking time away from my children (be it work commitments, exercise, food preparation, older family ...

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Special Guest - Getting Our Hands Dirty with a Soil Specialist
To end off our Rocks and Minerals unit in grade three science we had a soil specialist in to explain a little about different kinds of soil. There is nothing like community experts to solidify teaching and learning! The students had made these fun flip book...

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PBL Experts - In Touch With India
Incorporating real life into our units is so very meaningful. I was so pleased to have one of our local pastors, Julian Erb, in to talk about his recent travels to India.   He came with a Canadian perspective fully aware of the differences the students woul...

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She Who Plans, Succeeds
Image source: My title, She Who Plans, Succeeds....because I like to put a positive spin on things... Maybe it's not quite as eloquent as Benjamin Franklin or Winston Churchill ...

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Morning Meetings
I can't say enough about morning meetings! A quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you all the technical info about what outcomes are likely being met by them and how they can foster a sense of relationship, trust and camaraderie in your classroom. ...

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Fantastic Flashlight Friday
I was once told that the"emotional bang for your buck" on any activity, whether it's a vacation for your spouse, or a five year old's birthday party is far greater when there is suspense involved.  The building up of wonder and excitement makes the days lea...

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Great Reads to Keep up with Grade 3 Social (and beat the winter blues!)
I don't know about you but I didn't get a warm vacation this year.  In case you're reading this from a 2-season climate, I mean, that during my dead of winter, when I wake up and drive to school in darkness, peek out my blustery window to read the thermomet...

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Goo Gone Goodness
Goo Gone is good.  Goo Gone possibly saved my daughter from potential harm.  If I were a lesser woman, I may have said things I shouldn't have said.  I'm not sure that I am not that lesser woman, but I am sure that after foolishly letting my 6 year old daug...

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No messing around with an Oops Sheet!
Much to my children's chagrin (although by the time they ever read my blog I should hope this little "issue" will be long-resolved) today's topic is bed-wetting.  Or at least a product to help you out during the bed-wetting stage.  As parents of a six, five...

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What Really Goes on at a Good Marriage Retreat?
the risk of stumbling into some blush-worthy areas...I'm attempting
this section of the series, from a practical planning perspective. Topics, themes, itinerary, that sort of thing. All
the rest you can leave up to your imagination! I'm not going to
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