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Hey everybody - if you're a screenwriter, please reply to the link below! I'm trying to get a list going to share with the population. Thanks!

BTW, here is a link to my Screenwriters circle. I have around 260 so far:
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thanks for your help! already 2 members, unstoppable
MK is an award-winning Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Editor
Yo (raises hand) screenwriter (puts back on keys and types EXT)
Screenwriter. Copy editor. And occasional director. And hello.
Screenwriter - Just sold my first in the last year.
Thanks! I keep waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and explain that there's been a big mistake. ;)
can you give more details? what is it about?
It's a drama with a tentative title of Let Me Go, it's about a guy who gets strung along by the ex he's still hung up on.
Not something to take someone on a first date to see.
Screenwriter working on a feature length, low budget, psychological thriller. When I finish it I'll be looking for a NY based indie-filmmaker to shoot it, though I'd gladly option it to a studio if it meant I could quit my day job and write full time.
Director/Screenwriter/Actor looking forward to meeting more interesting industry professionals.
Aspiring, but yes. Currently working on a feature length.
Screenwriter here! (Jumps up and down at back of crowd.) Mostly TV, features too but mostly TV: SF, Fantasy, Thriller, Action.
learning about screenwriting and trying it for myself, if that counts?!
I guess I'm one, too. Well, once I get my card, which should be soon.
have written one short (directed and produced as well) one feature(early pre-production) and work as a commercial producer by day which includes writing, shooting, directing, editing and of course daily face to face interaction with business owners and other clients, also have a collection of short stories under my belt nothing published....yet
+Melissa Banczak - Outlines can definitely serve a purpose....however, I never use them -- either for my novel (published) or screenplays (optioned).
+Mark David Gerson If you're an established writer, you can get away with more. That said, I've read some really clunky scripts from established writers.
+Melissa Banczak - LOL.Outlining is no talisman against clunkiness, in scripts or fiction. I've read plenty of clunk(!) -- structured via outline and not -- from plenty of writers(?). I suspect we have markedly different philosophies, which is absolutely fine. You'd probably cringe at what I write in my book about writing and on my blog! lol
+Mark David Gerson LOL too! Possibly wouldn't cringe as much as you think. After 5 years as a literary agent, and reading billions of bad scripts, it took me a long time to shed the notion that no one out there can write! After going back to script analysis, finally this year, I'm finding a few good writers out there.
+Melissa Banczak +Mark David Gerson i just read a funny interview with the coen brothers where they said they don't outline and most of the time only have an idea of where the next 1 or 2 scenes are going to go...that said, i think it's pretty rare to be able to do that and i know i am completely lost and infinitely more terrible if i haven't outlined my script
I think it shows in King's writing. Some of my favorite novels are by him but it often seems that he's making it up as he goes along.
+Andrew Dollar - I don't read Stephen King (apart from his book on writing), so I can't speak to the efficacy of his technique (other than that it clearly sells books! lol). And I won't say that one method is superior to the other (outlining v. not). I will say that for me, outlining just doesn't work. (It didn't work in high school, either, when I wrote my outlines after I'd written the essay!) It strips the magic of discovery from the process. If I had tried to figure out ahead of time what was going to happen in my novel (and now screenplay) The MoonQuest, the story would have been far more linear....and not nearly as good. And the book probably wouldn't have won the awards it has...and there probably wouldn't be a screenplay. But that's my experience. Like I said: I'm not claiming it's for everyone (though it is what I teach/coach/write about)...
Aspiring. Writer, director, editor, actor. Hackish and learning.
Hello hello. Writer, screenwriter, scriptwriter, take your pick. TV, short film, feature, online, novels and what-not.
Currently a writer that has yet to write...
+Mark David Gerson Those are the exact questions I ask myself and as of yet have no answer. I do write chunks of paragraphs, fitfully and without a common thread, (diary entry, blog, part of a screen play) but there is no coherent flow or "big" idea/theme/book...a dam that has yet to burst, so to speak.
Aspiring (nothing sold) screenwriter here... :)
Samples available by request! Script doctoring, too.
Screenwriter/Director/Producer/Camera Operator/Grip
Richard Finney - Screenwriter/Novelist/Producer
Screenwriter, currently working on a novel although I have four definite screenplays waiting in the wings.
I have come. Oopsy ;P Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Lazy Ass/Sleepy/Likes Beer and long walks along the beach, about 5'10" with blue eyes, about 185lbs slim build, i'd say athletic.
Screenwriter and novelist wannabe. I plan to one day make a career out of this... Hence the wannabe part. :-P
thanks for putting this together.
Troy Duffy said: "There's two kinds of people in this world when you boil it all down. You got your talkers and you got your doers. And then there's me. So, three kinds. Well, not three because, dude, I'm not even classifiable. I'm doing profound shit nobody in the history of the universe ever did or ever will do again. In fact, I'm doing shit in a whole other universe. So screw all of you losers mooching a free ride on my genius train! ... Just to be clear, though, you will need to pay me in this universe."
Jamie G
Aspiring screenwriter/director :)
Yes, I am. That's what the IMDb says. Not making any actual money at it, but that hasn't stopped me yet. I have this great thing that I'm shopping around now. Like surf movies? Like zombie movies? What could be better than both together....
Planning to do ScriptFrenzy in the Spring, does this count? ::raises hand::
Yayo. It's nice to have a place to meet other writers.
Billy H
Few shorts, some of a feature; one completed and in the St. Louis film festival. Working on a radio drama and a feature on the back burner.
Hi Dan, hello to all, count me in !
Time to share a Screenwriter circle from this post.
+Dan Dollar I'm always thinking, and working on creating a strong filmmaker community here on Google+ which INCLUDES screenwriters. Afterall, we can't make movies without you guys.

Hope to see you and some of you fellow screenwriters at the +Unofficial Google+ Film Festival Sat. Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. E.S.T. (GMT-5).
Hi Dan, I'm a french screenwriter, count me in!
Hi all, french screenwriter here, count me in too
Screenwriter and aspiring comic book writer.
I'm a screenwriter, as well as a director and actor. Based in NYC.
Screenwriter – Still a student writing his thesis. Got a couple scripts produced but nothing big, yet.
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Former Screenwriter (did some uncredited script doctoring for TV way back in the 90s) looking to restart my career.
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