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A year of Being Bright
BY GOLLY. How fast a year goes by, and how much one can change in it. In order for you to understand the genuine awe and heartfelt gratitude I'm about to express, I need to tell a little tale I don't usually talk about. I don't deny it nor avoid it - I simp...

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It's the first day of Summer!! It's the 200th post on this blog! And it's time to talk about Pumpkins!! This morning I received an e-mail from my art director pointing out the review the people at Kirkus did of Pumpkin Day!, the tiny lovely little book I il...

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Already Trained Dragons
Here's a little commission I was asked to do for a little boy who just turned 4: him (on the orange dragon) and his little baby brother (on the green) just, you know. Chilling on dragons. Because why not? I'm genuinely pleased with how it turned out - now j...

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Fox Galore
Please don't hate me. I love foxes: I really do. I think they're the most perfect mix between a cat and a dog - and since I love them both, I HAD to adore these little critters. Some of you may have already seen this piece on Twitter, but I wanted to post i...

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Dino Kitty
One of the best bits of living near parks is that whenever you have no clue of what to draw, kids are sure to feed you with ideas. This one was a little kid, dressed as a super hero and a dinosaur at the same time, meowing loudly while he glided on his scoo...

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Nap Weather
It's cold and gloomy out there. Perfect time to snuggle up, grab a blanket, a steaming mug of coffee or tea and take a little nap, isn't it? :)

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During the last few weeks, locked down finishing the artwork for a book that shall be shared as soon as I get the green light, the view calmed me down. But at times, it also made me feel like Rapunzel in the tower. So I decided to make my own rendition of h...

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Piano Flight
This time it's not about coffee - it's about music... Music takes you somewhere else, doesn't it? And you just get carried with it. You do. This little piece was born out of this . Particularly track 3.

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My Coffee Monster
I wasn't quite active this past few months because I was hard, hard hard hard at work. And sadly, it was all in stuff i can't show yet. Yesterday, however, I allowed myself a break and went and had a day off. Which included by some lucky coincidence stumbli...

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Do you guys know what a Theremin is? ...No? Only the most amazing music instrument in the world! It sounds like a mix between a woman's voice, a violin and a cat. When
you play it, no one can tell you are. And it's... well, see for
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