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Spiritual Awakening Radio: Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa Ethics: Peace, Being Veg, Going Green to Save the Planet - Education for a More Peaceful World
Spiritual Awakening Radio: Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa Ethics: Peace, Being Veg, Going Green to Save the Planet - Education for a More Peaceful World
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Spiritual Awakening Radio explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, near death experiences, the vegan diet, and ahimsa ethics — education for a more peaceful planet.

Freedom of the Airwaves: It’s unhealthy in a democracy for the media, including radio, to be dominated by one or two religious voices, as if they are the only ones that exist and no other faith community or point-of-view matters. If the religion/spirituality section of a bookstore was like the radio airwaves are in most places, only one or two books would be found there. The shelves would be mostly bare, covered in dust. No longer being content with the empty silence, I began recording my own programs.

“There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.” (Buddha)

Mission Statement: ‘There’s not just one religion — there are thousands. After years of being concerned that too few voices, too few points of view were getting heard when it comes to spiritual paths and world religions — that the radio airwaves were not reflecting the diversity that really exists — I started producing my own programs, exploring the world of spirituality, comparative religion, meditation, mysticism, vegetarianism, the vegan diet, and books, bringing to the airwaves the gentle voices of Saints, the Wisdom of Masters or Mystics, world scriptures, sacred texts, the great spiritual traditions and classics of the East & the West.’

Help Support the Mission of Spiritual Awakening Radio and Podcasts by Making a Donation Now. There is a Secure Donate Button Here — GO TO the Website:

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The Gnostic Prophet Mani

Mani, the Buddha of Light, Founder of Manichaean Gnosticism

Mani was born of Iranian (Parthian) parentage in Babylon, which was a part of Persian Empire about 210-276 CE. He was a religious teacher and the founder of Manichaeism, an ancient Persian gnostic religion that was once prolific.

Gnostic Studies: Buddha Mani-Christ: You Freed Souls from Samsara, Ignorance, and Gave Wisdom

Below is from the Great Song of Mani, from the Manichaean section of, The Gnostic Bible, Gnostic Texts of Mystical Wisdom from the Ancient and Medieval World: Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Mandaean, Manichaean, Islamic, and Cathar, Edited by Willis Barnstone and Marvin Meyer, SHAMBHALA Books.

The Gnostic Prophet Mani 1

Unendingly submerged in the dust 2
of forgetting rebirths
and in a state of poisonous savage animals,
they were always mad.
When the passion of greed 3 poisoned them
and they were dying,
you prepared a medicine for them
from the herb of meditation.


They raved in the passion of anger;
they lacked sense or coherent thought
and you assembled their thoughts,
and so they understood their origin
in the Realm of Light.
Those living beings in the five states of existence 4
you freed from ignorance
and gave them wisdom,
leading them to pari-nirvana. 5
Many differing passions – hatred and bitterness –
troubled these thinking beings
and scattered their thought,
but holy Father, when you descended from the sky,
the families of all thinking beings
reached the peace of Nirvana. 6


We who are miserable and with no hope
would have stayed in the torture of samsara,
not finding the end of your path. 8
You set up the ladder of wisdom,
you let us supersede the five forms of being,
and you delivered us.
We who were fettered in suffering
were rescued from rebirth
to see the Buddha-like sun god
who is like you.
For those tied to transitory pleasure,
you preached the true law.
You carried them across the Sea of Suffering
to the good Nirvana.
For those tied to the root of attachment to the world,
you revealed the road to the realm of the Buddhas,9
you raised a Sumeru mountain 10 of virtue,
you let them find endless happiness.
For those plunged in the water of pride,
you showed the bridge of the true law.
You took understanding of the good law into their hearts.
You entrusted them to the holy assembly.
For those confused by the six organs of perception 11
you showed the rising and falling states of being.
You revealed what is the suffering of those in the Avici,
the deepest Buddhist hell.
You let them be reborn in the blessed fivefold heaven 12 of Light.
Look for the ways of salvation,
you crossed lands going to every side.
When you found humans needing salvation,
you rescued all.


1. The Great Song to Mani: translated by Hans-Joachim Klimkeit (Gnosis on the Silk Road: Gnostic Texts from Central Asia, 280-84); revised in verse by Willis Barnstone.

2. Of the next eleven lines, which are badly preserved, five line fragments are here given.

3. The Pali Buddhist term for greed is lobha (a vice also in Manichaeism), for anger dvesa, for ignorance moha.

4. In Buddhism these are the states of gods, humans, hungry spirits (pretas), animals, and beings of hell.

5. This Buddhist Nirvana is the Manichaean Realm of Light.

6. The next six verses are badly preserved and are reconstructed.

7. The cyclical process of metempsychosis, that is, the transmigration of the soul by way of rebirths and deaths, is called samsara. This transmigration extends from the lowest insect to the Brahma, the highest of the gods. The rank of one’s new birth, after passing through a hell or a heaven, depends on one’s karma in the previous life. In Sanskrit samsara means “the running around.”

8. The Realm of Light.

9. Again, the Realm of Light of the previous prophets.

10. The Sumeru mountain is the central mountain of the universe in the Buddhist and Hindu cosmology.

11. The six organs of perception (sadayatana) in Buddhism are the five sense organs and manas, the mind.

12. The Realm of Light.

13. Probably Mani’s Living Gospel.

14. The four Buddhas are probably Seth, Zoroaster, Buddha, and Jesus. “Four” is not in the original text.

Manichaean Gnosticism -- Some Links

Youtube: Mani and the Manichaeans: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio -- Jason BeDuhn, author of ‘The Manichaean Body: In Discipline and Ritual’ and Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University:

Manichaean Writings at

Manichaean Psalms:

Psalms of Thomas:

Parthian Hymns:

Manichaean Hymns:

An Introduction to the Manichaean Religion:

The Life of Mani:

Am about to record a new show for the week, the Spiritual Wisdom of the Lost Books of the Bible. For those familiar with the term "satsang", it will be like giving a satsang talk discoursing on verses of something like the Adi Granth, Kabir, Paltu Sahib, etc..., only in this case it's a talk based on verses from certain Gnostic Gospels: Thomas, Zostrianos, Acts of Peter. Judas, Eugnostos, and Thunder: Perfect Mind.

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Poetry Says It Best: Teaching Through the Right Side of the Brain: The Music and Poetry of the Mystics

Most of the great Saints, Sufis and Mystics of history have also been poets or composers of hymns, psalms, odes, banis, bhajans -- mystic songs of love and devotion. India's Saints of Love for thousands of years now have composed their own devotional hymns and poems. India's Mystics have left behind an immense treasure of devotional literature, the banis and bhajans of the Saints. If Westerners aren't able to sing these psalms in their original languages, reading translations of them is in itself a spiritual exercise of great benefit, for these beautiful words carry a loving spiritual charge that helps to keep one mindful of the spiritual Path, as well as it helps to prepare one for daily meditation practice. 

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"These are the secret words which the Living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote. And He said: Whoever finds the explanation of these words will not taste death."

Above is from the first English edition of the Gospel of Thomas to appear, in 1959, published by E.J. Brill, Leiden, Harper & Brothers, New York. The translators were A. Guillaumont, Henri-Charles Puech, G. Quispel, Walter Till, and Yassah 'Abd Al Masih.

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The One Giving Birth to Souls: "As oil is hidden in the lotus, in the same way Sat Purush [the Supreme Being] used to live, hidden. In His Will, He created the souls, and looking at them He felt very happy."

-- Book of Anurag Sagar, The Ocean of Love:

Animated Gif Image:

Anurag Sagar Online e-Book:

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Transcending All the Realms via Meditation

"Through the practice of meditation one can progressively move the consciousness inward within oneself. In the beginning, the practice of subtle meditation is difficult to accomplish owing to its unfamiliarity. Through the initial practice of Manas Japa (repetition of mantra [simran]), the mind begins to focus. Then one progresses to the subtler practice of Manas Dhyan (the form of deity) and prepares for the subtle meditation. Subsequently, through Drshti Yoga [inner Light meditation] one practices one-pointedness. Finally, through the practice of Surat-Shabda-Yoga (the Yoga of Sound [inner Sound meditation]) the transcending of all the realms is achieved."

-- Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, Philosophy of Liberation (Moksha Darshan):

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How Stories Configure Human Nature: No doubt this explains the popularity of storytelling gospels over wisdom gospels. Hopefully the esoteric wisdom gospels for the initiated will become of interest later in one's development. Clement of Alexandria said that there were introductory gospels for new Christians and more advanced teachings for contemplatives or Gnostics.

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"There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now." (Buddha)
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