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Pieter Vorster
father - communicator - educator - activist
father - communicator - educator - activist


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Feel lost when it comes to RSS feeds, what they are and what they do? We work with RSS feeds everyday, so we thought we'd write a quick blurb about them to point you in the right direction.

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Have a look at this sweet scenic aerial video of the Union Bay, BC area. Made by Rick Ward​ who is working with us on producing some high-quality drone photography pieces.

If you're looking for an overhead view of things, get in touch with us today!

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Just remembering how much fun everyone had at the 25th Anniversary BBQ for CV Transit at Air Force Beach #In2Transit
CV Transit 25th Anniversary BBQ at Air Force Beach
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Below are some images and video from the Amethyst House Opening and Blessing that took place on Monday, 20 July. 
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Amethyst House Opening and Blessing
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It's a bit more condensed than the reality of the ride, but this gives you some idea of the weekend we just had.

Please note that at no point did we actually ride our bikes through the sea, as the map sections suggest.

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Always nice to see +Project Watershed doing good work in the Comox Valley. This time they involved young minds from Royston Elementary School in the task of restoring the salt marsh at the famous Royston Wrecks.

View more at

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Interesting article from +Healthline. Good info for all members of the North Island Compassion Club (+Mary Jane)

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Always good to hear one of the main tools you use in your business is doing so well. Way to go +Elegant Themes!

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It’s an idea that many of us hold dear. But for many women, children, elders and families in our community – it just isn’t the case. For too many, home is not a place of safety, security and sanctuary. 

It is a place where family members or intimate partners use violence and coercion to maintain power and control. That’s why the +Comox Valley Transition Society  and a host of community partners come together annually for the “Peace Begins at Home” Purple Ribbon Campaign. 

How can you participate? 
It's pretty easy. Visit our site at and scroll down to the bottom of the page to leave a reply stating that you commit to being violence free. That's it. 

Through this simple action we can help raise awareness around this issue. Thanks.

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We love our +Speedibin Composter. Being able to compost food scraps including meat and smaller bones is particularly convenient. Get yours today! 
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