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Boat Bombing: the "Humanitarian" Mission Impossible?
EU Member States have agreed on a naval mission to target the
networks of people smugglers in the Mediterranean - a victory for the EU
High Representative (Mogherini), who notes that the decision was made
in record time. The mission will be run out of Ro...
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Repealing the Human Rights Act: pulling on a thread of the constitution
Britain’s new Conservative government has launched its term
by aiming to repeal the Human Rights Act , which was brought in by Labour in
1998 to bring the European Convention on Human Rights into domestic UK law. The
Act has largely been a success, enabling...
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Judicial expansion on the cards as the ECJ is sued for delays
The length of time the EU courts can take before they give
their rulings can be long – so long that they can even run into years - so now disgruntled litigants are suing the court itself for the delays. Famously
the Italian justice system was so slow that t...
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Solidarity over Refugees is a key test for European Values
The Commission is planning to propose binding quotas for
Member States accepting refugees.   This
would be a major break from the Dublin Regulation mind set, where asylum
seekers can only apply where they enter the EU – a system that has put
intolerable pre...
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Operation Triton falls far short of our proclaimed values
The recent news that 800 migrants died in the Mediterranean is
a tragic reminder that Europe has still failed to come up with a proper plan
for the humanitarian crisis taking place on its southern shores.   Lampedusa was supposed to be a wake-up call,
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Liberal Hungary being led up the gallows
Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán (of illiberal
democracy fame) has called on the EU to re-open the debate over the death
penalty.   It seems that the growing
popularity of the far-right Jobbik , which performed well in the European
elections last year...
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Security without Liberty – the UK joins the Schengen Information System
A Fistful of Euros has discovered that the UK will join the
new Schengen Information System II, which is designed to allow border control,
customs and police authorities to share information. Under SIS II, information
on suspects, potential illegal immigran...
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Interesting Times in Britain
Thursday’s election in the UK returned, against all
expectation, a majority Conservative government.   In the months in the lead up to the vote the
polls had shown the Tories and Labour in a tight neck-and-neck race to become
the biggest party in the Parlia...
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Juncker’s Euro Army: A Weapon of Mass Distraction?
Commission President Juncker has advocated a European army
in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt : “ "Eine solche Armee würde uns helfen, eine gemeinsame
Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik zu gestalten und gemeinsam die Verantwortung
Europas in der Welt...
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Taking out the Troika
The vilified Troika – the group consisting of the
Commission, ECB and IMF that oversees the implementation of the bailout
programmes – should be replaced, Juncker said in his election mission
statement. The full quote was ( PDF , page 8): “In the future, we...
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