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Kenneth Anderson
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Kenneth Anderson

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How can I resist?

Kenneth Anderson

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The fragmentation of the New Class elites, downward mobility, student loans, and OWS. My post at Volokh. It's kinda long, be warned.

Kenneth Anderson

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My thoughts on releasing the Justice Department opinion in the Awlaki attack, and further thoughts about reform of the system for defining covert action and its reporting and oversight.
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Kenneth Anderson

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Important speech by CIA general counsel.

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Pejman Yousefzadeh originally shared:
Roughly equivalent to 10 ³ words.

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The Washington Post on drones, their utility and their limits. I think it gets things pretty much correct as policy; I re-state and develop a bit my critique of David Ignatius' claim that the US is "addicted" to drones.
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  • Washington College of Law American University
    Professor of Law, 1996 - present
  • Hoover Institution
    Visiting Fellow, 2002 - present
  • Brookings Institution
    Non-Resident Senior Fellow, 2010 - present
  • Rift Valley Institute
    Senior Fellow, 2007 - present
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Law Professor at American University DC
  • Harvard Law School
    JD Law, 1983 - 1986
  • University of California, Los Angeles
    BA Philosophy, 1979 - 1983
  • Claremont High School
    High School, 1970 - 1974
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